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New London design company Uniform Wares have launched with their first collection of pared down watches.

They have urethane straps and borrow the aesthetic of wall clocks found in British factories.

The watches are made in a limited edition in eight colours.

Here's some more information from the designers:


Today sees the launch of Uniform Wares, a London-based product design and manufacturing company that produces everyday items for individuals with an eye for meticulous design detail. The company’s first collection is a range of unisex wrist watches with a minimal, contemporary aesthetic, available in four monochromatic tones, black /white / portland / taupe, and four warm colours, mustard / Swiss red / engineering red / morel.

The collection has been produced in a limited quantity, each watch having a unique batch number. They will be sold through the company’s website from 1st December as well as select independent stores, with prices from £85.00

“Uniform Wares products have an intentionally paired down form that is characterised by distinct colour; this helps define their purpose, how they are used, what for and by whom,” says company co-founder and designer, Patrick Bek.

The inspiration for the watches is derived from the form and graphic detailing of wall clocks from British industry. Detailing includes hard anodised aluminium case, precision Japanese quartz movement, +/- 15 sec per month accuracy, crystal face, urethane strap, 4 year battery life and 1 year manufacturers warranty.

“The Uniform Wares aesthetic has been tailored with longevity in mind,” says company co-founder and designer, Oliver Fowles, “We believe that a product should have a practical permanence”

Uniform Wares was established by designers Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles.

Their backgrounds are in product, furniture design and manufacturing. Bek and Fowles share an appreciation for design detailing and quality manufacture in everyday objects and aim to apply this meticulous approach to their Uniform Wares collections.

The collection is available from 1st December.

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  • Jamie

    Simple and cool – i like that.

  • fergus

    One of the nicest watches I’ve seen in ages was looking about for a watch to replace my Jacob Jensen Titanium series watch which I eventually lost (for good after loosing it and finding it again several times previously) thanks to a terribly designed way of attaching the strap which constantly came undone.

  • Nice.. Just ordered the black one :D

  • m.B.

    I like most the palette!
    The minimalism it’s ok although is the same.

  • oooh that yellow

  • mike

    Stylish AND practical, what a timepiece!

  • Nice utilitarian look, both the packaging and the watch. I’m not really sure what this offers that is new though, and you could almost buy a Mondaine for the money.

  • Just one question.. I have the first number of the black ones.. The same number as used on the photographes..
    But, just HOW limited is the supply?

  • J

    i think the quantity was 100, with a handful distributed to vendors to sell.
    did you say you ordered more than one black one? i’m looking for the black or dark brown one, want to sell to me? =)
    if anyone doesn’t want their black or dark brown one, let me know!

  • quiet simple and having brilliant color selection… in a fix what to choose

  • A beautiful collection but I do wish a sideways acknowledgement had been given to Max Bill – I think it would be merited.