Daewon Park Observatory by Changki Yun



Korean architect Changki Yun (Kyungam Architects Associates have sent us images of their design for an observation tower for the city of Seongnam in Korea.


The Daewon Park Observatory was an entry for a competition but did not win.


Here's some info from the architects:


Floating Observatory

Location : Kyeonggido Sungnam, South Korea,
GFA : 929.32ß≥
Scale : B3~2F
Use : Observatory


The dream of flight is blissful. Just the thought of floating in the sky brings enough motivation to attempt to achieve the dream. However this dream is now a reality.


For the best view "Cloud 360" alotted all its space in the sky. The ground level was left as open space and two main elevators transport visitors to the sky.


The restaurant, cafe, and mediatech are all located in upper levels of the cloud observatory. This new observatory is sure to become the new landmark of the Sungam district.


Kyungam Architects Associates Ltd


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  • bebo

    sure it is going to be a land mark, for viewers and the ground floor users, but when you go up it is going to be the same experience as any other high rise building or a tower.

  • Dinheru

    After looking at front image I thought this would ruin the landscape. (like himmelblau museum).

    What can I say, I Like the shape!

  • DV


  • CROFTdesign

    bebo, there are no other high rises around; this observatory is at the highest point in the city at the top of a hill…

    It’d be nice to see this built and experience the space inside with such a view.

  • nick

    that’s really extraodinary

  • cacas


  • That is one sick park design! Looks like something out of Star Wars.

  • Simple complexity. Love

  • The structure is beautiful! The design is so unique. I just don’t like the place where it was built. I find it too big on the top of the hill.


  • leandro locsin

    not the trellis please

  • Another fancy hat floating above a hill next to the city. That glossy ashtray has nothing to do with the surrounding landscape it wants to represent and focus on. People will see it and forget about to go on the top floor! Moreover, the effort to enclose the main columns into a fluid looking hull is making the whole thing ridiculous. Somehow it reminds me on a rouged gorilla in disco tights…

  • I have to admit that its nice to see some sketches and study models occuring during the process.

  • Gold

    Personally I find it hard to see any merit in the design. There is a weak relationship with the context and the manner in which the building hits the ground is extremely awkward. It looks as if the architecture has been conceived just as a form from early in the design process.

  • hacedeca

    If the theme of this project is “the dream of flight”, why is the upper level covered with lawn?

    BTW Only simple things work satisfactorily – this is not simple…

  • The building seems to me an attempt to look like a cloud in the sky with a futuristic design on a scenic land, but why not?
    The structure that holds up the building might be a bit disproportionate to the top but I can imagine that at night time the top structure will be glowing look like a UFO.
    It can be quite an attraction

  • scarpa

    It looks like the offspring of an AT-AT and a grand piano. It is odd…I’m almost offended by its total lack of sense, but it’s bizarre and ridiculous enough that I’m sure seeing and experiencing it would offer some perverse delight.

  • eonwyne

    i don’t care, i just like it…

  • Doubled

    If you are in a top of the mountain, why do you want to be more high?

  • Melody

    the way you arrive to the building seems to have potencial to create something good, but I agree with other comments about the buildng being totally out of place. it overlook’s where it’s settled and appears like an UFO. it doesn’t appreciate the place where it is and what it can offer. anyways, I think the desingn without the hudge “legs” and for another use (as an airport or mall) could work, but totally not there!

  • Willamette

    I think it is beautiful!! iv been working on building designs as well and this is very amazing but will it work? it seems almost too large for the support beams to hold, surrounding must be accounted for and natural occurrences such as an earthquake, this building is on a hill, with little support and groundwork doesn't seem as realistic. It is beautiful, i would love to see this built.

  • Jeremy

    i love the metamorphosis of the sketch model at the bottom!

  • frank

    So, what’s the progress? When I visit there next spring, will there be anything to see?