Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders



Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has designed the interior of a private villa on the island of Mallorca, Spain.

Called Casa Son Vida, the villa was recently extended by Tec architecture.

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Here's some more information from Marcel Wanders:


Casa Son Vida

Marcel Wanders created the interior design for Casa Son Vida on the island of Mallorca, a luxury villa of contrasts.

The building that houses Casa Son Vida is composed of an old and new part. The stunning architecture (by Tec architecture) of the new extension inspired Marcel Wanders to complement the building with a highly exclusive, captivating interior, linking old and new.

dzn_Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders 6

The round and square shapes, soft blobs and and new antiques create a unity of the architecture and the interior design.

A mix of traditional and modern references is visible throughout the villa, from the classic profiled wall lining the curved space to the newly custom designed cupboards in straight lines. All aspects of the space and dimensions are played with by using relief and contrasting smooth surfaces, creating a unique atmosphere.

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  • gorgeous. expected

  • jet

    wow im just amazed by the level of detail shown

  • Wonders is, indeed, one of my favourite designers. Whether products or spaces, his work has always the “uau” factor, but for some reason i find the living room (white and red) a bit “naked” – it’s missing MW final touch. Love the yellow bathroom and the bedroom.

    My favourite chair by Marcel Wanders:

  • jack the ripper

    splendid, with all the patterns going on it could have turned out ott.
    instead it looks very sophisticated and cosy ..

  • rodger

    nice project. the client must have had taste because marcel wanders certainly doesn’t, most of the time. this project shows some restraint and is better for it.

  • Isabel

    I like the pic in black and white. The rest may be gorgeous for looking at, but doesn’t seem comfortable and inviting for living there. Rather luxurious, to be exhibited to guests. If it was the aim, then it was achieved.

  • nilo

    is it a house or a show room?

  • Applaud the adventurous.
    Not all of it is to my taste but, then again, it’s not my house.

  • B

    I think it’s quite hideous
    Only the wall literally as ornament I think is a nice twist

  • ar.neetu

    externally the structure is amazingly beautiful,
    but dont know how functional it wil be from inside…
    living room looks as if it a mall or showroom.. :-(

  • Candy Dandy

    I’m falling asleep Marcel. You are indeed a clown with a
    golden nose.