Iiamo Go by Karim Rashid


Designer Karim Rashid has created a baby's bottle that heats milk to body temperature without using electricity.

Called Iiamo Go, the product heats the milk using a disposable capsule containing water and salt. Heat is generated as the salt becomes re-hydrated.

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Here's some text from Rashid:


iiamo go is a self-heating feeding bottle that gives parents on the go the ability to serve body temperature milk to their baby anywhere anytime without the use of electricity. iiamo go is the only bottle in the world with this unique combination of a portable, non-electrical, throw-away organic heating cartridges (iiamo warm) and a patented heating technology that is integrated into the bottle itself. The process is very simple. Pour the mother’s milk, formula or milk powder in the bottle; insert the cartridge in the bottom of the bottle and then just push, wait a few minutes and serve the milk.

The World Health Organization recommends heating the milk to body temperature before served to babies and this is now possible no matter where the family is – in the car, at the office, at the grandparents, in the supermarket, in a café or in the park. Also, in contrast to the vast majority of feeding bottles iiamo go is produced in the 100 percent BPA-free material PP (polypropolene).

iiamo warm – the heating cartridge is part of the mystery and secrecy behind the iiamo go success and consist of only salt (CaCl2) and water generating heat by using the re-hydration energy from dehydrated salt.

Karim says of the design “Feeding a baby is a warm, intimate moment between parent and child. The bottle enables that human connection. Though a very functional product, a baby bottle doesn’t need to be a strictly functional. Emotional and aesthetic appeal must be considered too. Children love reflective shiny colorful surfaces and materials – I do too - maybe I am still a child. So it was time to make a baby bottle a wild interesting sculptural colorful animated object so the baby actually gets excited about being fed.”

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  • It must be designed by Krim Rashid when I first see the bottle.

  • angry catalan

    Very nice! I’m not sure babies find tacky shapes all that exciting, though, but this is a very nice invention.

  • peeween

    All my friends are having babies now- where do I get this in the US?! anybody? btw- awesome product & design!!

  • LB

    It has the usual Rashid bulbous quality. I have to say I find it off-putting and not food-appropriate – it looks more reminiscent of feminine hygiene or a sex toy. The technical concept is great, but I find the aesthetic execution poor. And is the disposable capsule made of plastic? Is it recyclable? I have one word for Rashid: “Plastics.”

  • Chris

    I am Karim Rashid,
    I know what a baby wants!

  • Pablo

    As a father I never found the need for something like that and the fact that there is a throw away component does not appeal either. Another wasteful peace of useless design.

  • yourmamma

    I think the smile on Karen Rashid’s face is giving away how exactly he gets the milk to body temperature.

  • great. just what we need: more arty, pretentious, foreign baby crap. i am the father of a 20-month-old girl, and my wife and i have been bamboozled too many times by “revolutionary” new designs from denmark, scandinavia, sweden, etc., that always turn out to be junk: “sleek” high chairs, booster seats, etc. and if you think i’m falling for that “world health organization recommends” nonsense, you’re mistaken. this item can kiss my ass.

  • De Jesus Filipe

    very intelligent, useful and practical.
    But product design is not the height of the object. (sorry but it looks like a dildo)

  • *sigh*
    I normally like KR’s stuff but not for nothing, this thing looks like a menstrual pad. The comedy writes itself on this one, really.

    I like the *idea* of this, but the aesthetics are just off.

  • Marianne

    Why disposable capsule instead of refillable? Make it REALLY environmentally friendly! NO REFUSE!

  • W

    I agree, it looks like a sex toy. Dual use?

  • ha ha ha ha … yourmamma I just laughed out loud on my own. nice.

    So Rashid has final done something unique in design – he’s possibly the only person out there openly encouraging people to use throw away plastic gear instead of relying on any type of renewable energy source. I wonder what the The World Health Organization recommends doing with the waste created by this waste of time product?

  • hehehehe

    Karim’s smile makes you wonder where the 8th bottle is place….oops

  • nnn

    “throw-away organic heating cartridges”

    enough said…

  • catannyx

    I agree with all of you but must say that without European designers the world of babies would still be made of huge uncomfortable highchairs, strollers, car seats, carriers, ect. Merci for the ideas, and bravo to all guys coming out with dildo-like useful gadgets – if you’ve ever tried the heating kit that plugs in the car, you know we need a few new ideas.

  • J*

    Yep. the last photo is somewhat very wrong… (too much pink to be good anyway!)

  • james

    this is an unnecessary product. the problem with something like this is that you need those special cartridges. when they run out then you have to spend more money and buy more of them, and i assume you cant just just find these at the supermarket. you’ll probably have to find some specialty baby store. what a hassle. there are easier ways to heat up milk.

    the main problem with this thing though is that it is terribly ugly. ive never like his stuff, but this is possibly the ugliest thing hes ever done. it looks like a lazy design students last minute attempt at a water bottle. there is nothing clever going on. its just an awkward blob.

  • pieter

    The dry salt has to be created from wet salt in a factory, this costs more energy than heating the milk directly using electrical energy. Ergo, it is not very environmentally friendly.

  • Doug

    Everyone is missing the big picture. When I met Karim 27 years ago he looked just like this. Now I am a wizened old man of fifty and he still looks young. Clearly he has made a bargain with Satan.

  • I have never read such negative cynical comments but i think you should go out in the world and contribute and do something and stop judging our physical world on imagery. Go out and use something, touch it, interact with it, and then comment. And when you need to feed your child on the go, good luck finding electricity – I have a hard time finding a plug in an airport. But let me say something else. This bottle is 100 percent BPA-free material PP (polypropylene) , which is recycleable forever – and the cartridges are biodegradeable. Also I have designed about 50 products on the market that are 100% biodegradeable including Garbo. I know the issues with polymers. PS- Your automobiles you drive everyday are 68% plastics (and consuming 300 times more oil than the polymer industry), your mobile phones, your toothpaste, and i could go on and on (many of these polymers are not recycable whatsoever and in fact, you are eating and digesting polymers – i would worry about that firstly). cosmetic makeup is full of polymers and carcinogenic. I think most of you should educate yourselves more instead of your obtuse remarks, and in fact, manufacturers will go on and produce with polymers with or without designers. I think that if you think that organic shaped objects look like dildos and sex toys, you are watching way too much porn and clinically sexcentric. I think you need help. Laslty use your real names when you comment and if I meet you we can have have a real debate. You can facebook me. best for 2010 :)

  • DaniELLA

    The idea is a perfect product for parents, it is such a mess sometimes when is about the babys and what is needed for them, and the best thin that it doesnt look like a bottle for a baby not even like a bottle. IOnteresting thing

  • squeed

    why would someone want to fill it with breast milk?? defeats the object somewhat… hmmmmm….

  • alia

    i think it’s a brilliant invention that many parents will find extremely practical and useful!! i really hope it won’t be a one-off type of product. the only concern i would have is the availability of the cartridge, but i guess this would depend on the product’s distribution.
    it seems like most people who commented didn’t read the description at the beginning? the cartridges are organic – biodegradable! is the laptop you’re typing from environment-friendly?!
    squeed, you don’t HAVE TO fill it w breast milk!! as mentioned in the product’s description, you can put milk powder..

  • Erin Johnson

    Karim, kudos to you! I love that you are right in the mix of public “feedback” and are involved in the discussions (however banal they are). Keep up the good work and, of course, the good design!

  • Paul Martin

    The idea itself is interesting, even though I’m definitely not in love with the shape, the colors, and the global creative synthethis, but that’s my opinion. It seems to me that the design of this object is only made please the designer himself, and to fit into his showroom.Which is a shame, because it maybe would have deserved a better study of what feeling such an object should convey, regarding that it is replacing (or coming as a complement of) one of the most essential and universal human activity, the breast feeding.
    To finish, I would like to thank M. Rashid for caring about our planet by making “50″ sustainable objects. That’s a good start. However the real ecological reflex is now to think about the relevance of releasing so many projects each year, and to wonder wether we will really need another plethora of pink and plastic fluffy chairs this year.

  • There are bottle warmers that work w/o electricity on the market, and I’ve used them. They weren’t great, but they did warm the milk a bit. Cool design is cool, and I’ll look for these in the US when they are available.

  • horrible haridas

    Design method #343: Pick product colours from personal wardrobe.

  • MFalcon

    There is a better product called the Yoomi, it has rechargeable organinc heating unit, cheaper and much more ecologicaly sound.

  • iiamo has just won a GOOD DESIGN 2009 Award – one of the most if not the most prestigious design award in the world.

    To give you an idea GOOD Design was founded in Chicago in 1950 by architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. and bestows international recognition upon the world’s most prominent designers and manufacturers for advancing new, visionary, and innovative product concepts, invention and originality, and for stretching the envelope beyond what is considered ordinary product and consumer design.

    iiamo won together with among others Apple and NASA (!) and will be exhibited at The Chicago Athenaeum in the GOOD DESIGN Show for 2010 in Chicago in June, 2010.

    Also, iiamo just received a Best of Year 2009 Merit Award from Interior Design Magazine.

  • Paul Martin

    Well, Henry Kissinger was given the Nobel Price of Peace so…

  • ego sum paganus

    Oh Karim, I was thinking hard how to constructively add to this discussion and I came to your own comment, it’s hard to bring it back out of the gutter, isn’t it?

    “Go out and use something, touch it, interact with it,…”

    just lucky you didn’t say insert it.

  • ego sum paganus

    Karim these orgasmic shapes are brilliant,,,, organic, organic, I meant organic, this silly keyboard……

  • BRian wARD


    hEAR, hEAR kARIM!


  • Jon

    well, it’s a great idea and serves a worthwhile purpose. i’m not sure what the design ‘says’ about the use, and this for me (and others) may be the biggest flaw. it’s clearly a ‘karim’ design, and it is basically a formalization that has been employed time and again, perhaps saturated to a visual (candy-colored?) excess. it’s his shtik for sure.
    one question though: will KR don a baby blue jacket for the ‘male’ version of the bottle… : )

  • Sabir

    If it works the idea is fantastic. The throw away part I am afraid is a bit clumsy and the design is not appealing to me.

  • Chelsey

    Wonderful idea. But can you still use this without the heating cartridge? I would just like it as a regular bottle. Where can I buy this in the United States?

  • sexy

    well i believe that all his desigs are brilliant an i believe that he is the #1 designer in the world!