Tonic by Reinhard Dienes


Cologne 2010: at [D3] Design Talents in Cologne this week designer Reinhard Dienes of Germany presents furniture that can be reconfigured as a sideboard or bookcase by changing the position of the legs.

Called Tonic, the piece is made of oak and comprises a long box with holes at each corner.

Darker legs have pegs that slot into these holes and clamp around the corners.

The furniture can therefore be stood upright for use as a bookcase or laid on its side as a sideboard.

Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus interviews Reinhard Dienes today as part of our series of live interviews Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents.

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Here's some text from Dienes:



Tonic is assembled without screws or the use of tools. Tonic can be used in two different positions; horizontal as a Sideboard, or vertical as a Bookcase. To achieve this change the legs are simply taken out of the sockets and replaced in the desired position.

This transformation allows Tonic to adapt itself to changing living situations and desires. The dark legs appear to be sketched and give Tonic the self-evident charm of simplicity and lightness.

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  • Cr

    Clever thinking !

  • jj

    Clever is the same word that came to mind when I saw this

  • well done. like the contrast too

  • Ea

    love it!

  • Sabir

    Right!! CLEVER is the word that crossed my mind as I saw it :) Unique!!!

  • ego sum paganus

    Simple, with good adaptation of function

  • Maxence

    Good research. But it works too without legs, and it’s cheaper.

  • Lenon

    Pretty clever indeed. :D

    @Maxence: Quite true. But the overall package looks better with the legs on.

  • Dingleberry

    Very clever. Indeed. What are legs?

  • Beautiful design. Simply elegant.

  • green

    this german is really clever!!
    love it!!