Stool by Aldo Bakker


At Object Rotterdam in the Netherlands this week Dutch designer Aldo Bakker will present a collection of stools made of reclaimed wood coated in a clear glossy lacquer.

Each piece in the limited edition consists of a slightly domed top supported by one turned leg and a wider carved block of wood.

Bakker designed the stools for Amsterdam gallery Particles.

More about Aldo Bakker on Dezeen:

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Photographs are by Erik and Petra Hesmerg.

Here's some text from Particles:


Stool by Aldo Bakker

Stool is composed from a volume, a flat surface and a line, a composition that evokes associations with ‘corporality’. It reveals both the individual volumes and the relations, and often fragile connections, of an organically grown skeleton. The object is explained from the inside out.

The two flat sides provide space for the singular leg, it’s exhibited and protected at the same time and reveals the three points, where the composition is balanced on. Every stool will be made from a different type of carefully selected old wood, assembled in 8 corresponding slices. The unique pieces are hand finished and lacquered with a glasslike varnish that magnifies the beauty of the wood.

Stool is exclusively produced by Particles. Limited edition of 100.
design: 2009
size: 360 x 360 x 340 mm
material: each edition a different type of carefully selected old wood
production: Kuperus & Gardenier
produced: Particles
photography: Erik and Petra Hesmerg

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  • Are these photos renders or actual photographs?
    They look very close to renderings, and if so, I wonder why bother showing these, I doubt if they are being made of reclaimed wood that they will look anything like this.

  • M Spencer

    Another limited edition stool-cum-dust collector?

    Would indeed be a worthwhile competition to see who can sit the longest on its convex high-gloss surface without sliding off. Lacquering things is nice, but perhaps should be considered more sensitively.

    I find the aesthetics of the bulbous volume quite clumsy, and the seam where it meets the seat even clumsier.

  • lo

    hahahah….good joke

  • tomdom

    Well as a person which has seen more of his work i can tell you this is no rendering
    this is amazing handcraft and amazing taste with amazing material just amazing aldo like!!!

  • J*

    More photos please!! haha. ;)

  • Carpenter
  • Joe

    Reclaimed wood? No wonder they’re limited editions, a constant supply of reclaimed wood like this is doubtful.

  • yoyo

    WELCOME to the 90ies, great work

  • yoko

    haven’t seen something so elegant and subtle for a long time.