RU Chair by Shane Schneck for Hay

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Stockholm 2010: at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week Stockholm designer Shane Schneck exhibits a wooden chair that can be hung from the edge of a table by its cantilevered seat.

Called RU, the design for Danish brand Hay is made of cross-laminated wood.

The chairs have two main legs that branch into four feet at the bottom, meaning they can be stacked together or hooked over the edge of a table by the seat.

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The text below is from Shane Schneck:


RU Chair

Is a wooden chair created upon the invitation from Patricia Urquiola for Promosedia. Its strength is gained by cross laminating layers in the seat. The method makes possible a cantelivered surface and robust structure.

A series of laminated ‘bridges’ complete the form. The chair is also stackable and without the additional two legs of conventional chairs it can be suspended on a table for easy cleaning.

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  • Rag

    “…a wooden chair that can be hung from the edge of a table by its cantilevered seat…”

    Nice concept – where’s the proof? Although it looks lovely in ‘conference’ formation.

  • amsterdam-er

    not bad – especially in an array

  • Jason

    “that can be hung from the edge of a table by its cantilevered seat.”

    Pics or it didn’t happen….

  • james

    wheres the photo of it hanging of the edge of a table?

  • joe

    would be nice to see the hanging-

  • Oliver

    wow … great design with cool colors … like it!

  • ads

    This not made for fat people, design and functionality, I think the desing should cut across.

  • PeterPunk

    Looks fantastic and quirky. The seat seems very short though. Is this only a prototype or will the chair actually be mass produced? Does anybody know how much it will cost?

  • Gravy

    I actually don’t mind when some designs don’t seat the 95%-ers. I enjoy the look and feel of slim furniture, and I don’t care if someone who weighs 350lbs can’t enjoy them too.