Cinderella's Chair by Anna Ter Haar


Designer Anna Ter Haar of the Netherlands has created a series of wooden chairs where each has one blown-glass leg.

Called Cinderella's Chair, the project involves blowing the glass directly onto the severed leg of each chair.

Here's a little text from the designer:

“Cinderella’s Chair” is a follow up of my project “Buitenbeentje”.

Prostheses of glass, like a prosthetic leg, custom made for each chair.

Glass is a malleable material when heated, so the glass was blown onto the chair, which provides every chair with its own unique prosthesis.

Glass however, is also a very fragile material. It is not often used for purposes of construction.

The legs of glass are strong enough to
 carry weight though.

One can easily sit on the chairs, something you do not expect when you see them.

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  • NØRD

    Cinderella’s Club Foot?

  • Lord D

    The chairs ok, but that opening image is amazing!!

  • justin

    who has seen the elephant man’s leg in formaldehyde in Washington, DC? Anna Ter Haar has!

  • tricky_p

    clicked on ‘more’ to see more images of the model. chair and extra shots are a disappointment

  • sam

    don’t do drugs.

  • Completely impractical application for furniture that is routinely subjected to being moved about. What do you do when the glass suddenly breaks from being set down too hard or accidentally kicked? The glass shards could easily and severely cut someone.

  • geronimo

    my grandmother used to have exactly the same woodchair! looks very very interesting! i like it:)!

  • packedcan

    poi oi oi oi ointless.

  • not everything can be made beautiful by placing naked women on them ..

  • I like the ordinary nature of the chairs with the glazed glass prosthesis. They are very rags vs. riches, cinderella. There is a certain association with prosthesis though that is unsettling.

    I wonder about if the chair had 4 legs, and then some way to have only a shoe that fits. Then you would have to go further with maybe 4 shoes or feet. Besides, I like the fact that without the glass slipper (true love) the chair is unstable, or unstable. Prince charming completes the story, and these don’t look like the kind of glass legs that would shatter easily.

    Enjoyable work!

  • cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • horrible haridas

    ridiculous… at least don’t talk about sitting on them

  • Lacks aesthetically and is kind of unsettling. Looks like someone jerry-rigged it together to make do and then forgot to ever fix it.

  • Amanda

    aaahh, tá…

  • I think Michael, you were headed in the right direction with your analysis that “There is a certain association with prosthesis though that is unsettling.”

    I think the project is quite unsettling also from the aspect of composition. The designer is creating way to much tension and shot-gunning the marriage.

  • Also, I think even letting the chair burn in the molten glass might have created the union that is missing.

  • ion

    :)) chairs for pirates arghhhh.

    can’t wait for the table version to come out

  • AJ

    It hurts visually!

  • Jen

    So, you get chairs in good condition, cut one leg and then come up with a ridiculous solution. Welcome to the XXI st century design world!

  • dominique

    Looks like another case of chair-arcotomophilia to me. I find Dezeen’s been publishing quite a number of these lately. Hey, whatever turns your (artistic) crank.

  • theonehanded

    this blows…

  • christian

    But where is the design? headline grabbing yes, but ultimately dissapointing.

  • Tony

    Paul, You hit it on the head about the designer creating too much tension and then shot-gunning” the marriage. I feel that maybe if there were some more transition between the raw look of the wood to the slick clean sheen of the glass.

    All in all, I feel this projects misses on many levels. The only thing it hit on was placing the naked image on the opening page. But take away yhe naked imge and you are left with an unfortunate project.

  • twosons

    i like the idea of prosthetics and its visually interesting the way the leg looks like it reacts to the chair, but there is purely no practical use its more sculptural than anything.

  • The Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace

    Wonder what Pieke Bergmans thinks about this. Anna, im sure you’ve seen her work. Dont you think hers was a more pure, made more sense and maybe a slight bit more original maybe?

  • andrea

    once again i find myself staring at the pc monitor wondering..”why is Dezeen publishing this?”. This is chair is not design, is a provocative art installation. Maybe this blog shoud be renamed ARTZEEN. On the other side, please, bored designers, stop designing chairs with no use. A chair is a chair, not a piece of art. I am getting so bored of seeing all this young talents trying to impress with the umpteenth crazy chair. You are trying to impress with this wow factors that have no reality in the essence of design (please, lets not forget that design used to be called INDUSTRIAL desing).

  • Archaj

    And finally someone makes an extremely valid point! I totally agree with Andrea. This is an art object and not a ‘designed’ object. A cruel interpretation of a chair, prosthesis. The only aspect that has room for admiration is the allusion to Cindrella and her lost glass shoe, and it ends there.

    What does Dezeen chose to say?

  • f. stachio

    Looks like a bunch of Literalists on here. Design and Art are in constant dialogue with one another, so get over it. ‘Industrial Design’ purists should venture no further than the nearest Knoll catalogue or start their own design blog dealing exclusively in corporate office furniture–concerned only with ergonomics.

    Don’t be so scared of poetry.

  • christian

    But this is not poetry? its not even convincing as an art piece and yet its caused a damn site more critique than most articles on dezeen, why?

  • chen Fong

    As an art work or installation, yes. But as a chair, seriously no. It is not practical at all to sit on chair with the constant fear that the glass might break thus causing you to loose your balance and smashed your pretty face onto the broken glass pieces.

  • andrea

    @ F.stachio, my point is not being scared of poetry, is being bored by it. Can we call creating some nice photos with good lines under it poetry? I think you miss my point. Im not criticizing her work, Im just making a point on the current “design” practice and discussion world, wich I find (personally, is just my view) today lacking the tension of some decades ago. In a world where everything is now acceptable and possible to justify, I see more and more designers getting completly lost in pretentious theories and very poor realisations. Again, not this particular case, this is just the kind of projects that come out of Eindhoven academy. I agree fully on your point of design and art being in constant dialogue, but please, let the design speak and reason loud! Any project based on just one of the two subjects is bound to be poor and soon forgotten.
    But finally some good discussion on here, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I wish all articles could have a live discussion like this (and not only the same “wow cool where can i get one?”)

  • Hon

    Yes, Pieke Bergmans, that’s the first thing that came to my mind as well.
    it’s a pity.

  • Vic

    They should call this blog- Let’s bitch and criticize every fucking thing on here and not ever understand that aesthetics vary from person to person. Let’s not like anything. Let’s kill fun.

  • Something very unusual and different to see.The finishing with a bit of glass in the chairs looks amazing.The glass so colorful adds to the starkling look of the simple chairs.

  • @vic

    … if you were Pieke Bergmans – I think you might appreciate the acknowledgement of your project that has been in the public for quite a while. I like this project in a way – but I think it’s really really derived from Pieke’s.

    So many times we see on the web people (uneducated bloggers!) who have never heard about someone who did something new and interesting – and then when it’s copied – even in a diluted form they get all excited about the ‘copy’. The comments section on Dezeen is really tough – but I think it’s pretty honest – and is the best way (politest way?!) to point out when copying (even accidental) is going on.

    I think designers sould all wake up to the fact that if they don’t like the comments system – they should send their press releases to another place. there are loads of places to self-publicise. We all know what goes on here.

    That’s what I do – even though I love Dezeen.

  • Martini-Please

    This Design vs Art dialogue is really tedious.

    I would say that an element of Art is fundamental in creative thought

    Creative thinking (ie. Art is fundamental to design. Design is just a process. What a boring world we would live in if all we did was ‘process’ instead of ‘create’.

  • sara mattar

    very disturbing

  • Fizz

    I can’t quite see somebody using it (geddit?)

  • andy

    What about the flowers???

  • Pierre Sinsua

    the model outshines the work