Swell by Form Us With Love for Voice

Stockholm 2010: at an exhibition of their work in Stockholm last week Swedish designers Form Us With Love presented a beanbag contained in a metal frame.

Called Swell, the armchair was created for Swedish design brand Voice.

"When you sit in an ordinary beanbag you tend to have a hard time getting out of it," say the designers. "You roll around on the floor and lose all your dignity. So this is a chair that you should be able to sit in with your suit in a hotel lobby or perhaps your living room."

The designers are also developing a range of tables (above) to complement the chair.

Called Form Us With Friends, the exhibition on a building site in Stockholm displayed recent work by the studio for four of their clients.

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Here's some more text from Form Us With Love


A new easy chair forged from an old production line

Visiting Voice in the summer of 2009, Form Us With Love was led on a tour of the facilities by Managing Director, Sonnie Byrling. Upon arrival at a production line of bean bags, he stopped. The facility, once churning out bags by the minute, now stood motionless. Trend and low quality copies had severely stunted production. The brief was concise - design a piece of furniture that would make the machines run again. FUWL set about designing a new product for a new target group1. One not clouded by childhood memories of what a beanbag was. The decision was made to make the product a lot more exclusive - more of an easy chair for the living room or hotel lobby, without losing the rationality of the production process.

The lounge table2 was later designed as a compliment to the chair, one that could stand and function as a separate entity in its own right, with further products to be presented in 2010.

Although the starting point for the FUWL project was the bean bags, it soon became clear to both parties that the Voice vision and brand had more potential. The existing collection was qualitative, but lacked the type of products and accessories that could stand out and place Voice on the international stage. The new bean bag would be the starting point for a new line of bold accessories.

Form Us With Love1 is an internationally renowned design studio from Stockholm. The studio was started in 2005 by the trio of Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér and aims to challenge the conventional through innovative design initiatives.

FUWL partners with companies involved in the development and production of everyday objects, furniture and lighting.