VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron 2


French photographer Julien Lanoo has sent us his photographs of the newly opened ViraHaus by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

The five-storey building - situated on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany - has been constructed to showcase the furniture brand’s Home Collection.

More information and images by Iwan Baan can be seen in our previous story.

Photographs are by Julien Lanoo.

Posted on Monday February 22nd 2010 at 2:27 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • modular

    Architecture is cool. Yet, the main focus on these images – at least for me – is the furniture. You gotta love Vitra. Definitely my favourite furniture brand. Wicked!

  • sash


  • R

    I feel that the building lacks coherence in the exterior design and that the interior design looks extremely boring. While a sober or blank interior has of course to do with the fact that it’s about the objects more than the architecture itself, it now is very blank and expressionless. It now literally looks like the architects just threw a bunch of extruded archetypical houses on a pile, without trying different configurations to make a more coherent stack.

  • jet

    wow another timeless piece.. masters of their craft, thank you H&deM

  • m

    it feels verty … random

  • Maria (Venezuela)


  • casey

    I saw this under construction a while ago and thought it would be really interesting. But the exterior cladding really seems to let it down and I hate the little bits of wood siding. The finish of it seems like a real downgrade for the Vitra campus.

  • charlie chan

    R’s criticism is quite accurate, but i think the dynamism of this project can only be experienced by going there.

    I would like to see more diagrams.

  • jeanpierre

    why did they decide to fuck up the whole thing just for this ugly wooden bench?

    amazing building still, there was no way to make it more simple and more expressive

  • hj

    would like to see some drawings, plans, sections, details. How to judge this solely on eyecandy photographs…

  • hj
  • flytoget

    Oh boy, oh boy.

  • mil

    I prefer the H&M from the beginning this is too superficial. there is no constructives details the interiors are poor.

  • ntulnz

    Well, nice, but they’ve lost the spark I am afraid.

  • Abhi

    @hj : thanks for the link and also – totally agree with you.

  • rj

    wrong floor selection …nice exterior views

  • Matt

    I love the simplicity of the stacked extruded houses. I would have preferred them to resist the temptation to pucker the entrance. As said above for the ‘ugly wooden bench’.

    I like what I can see of the interior spaces in these photos. From the outside it’s easily understood and the ‘houses’ appear separate but inside, the overlap and the formation of linked spaces is very exciting and I imagine would be quite surprising to experience.

  • MrCoolTeapot

    Much prefer these shots to the prev entry. Kudos to the photog.
    Prev comments notwithstanding, from a few days ago, these shots make the place look incredible. (especially the driveway shots.)
    As if John Cage were asked to design a building.

  • YY

    I actually feel the interior is just as great as exterior.
    just perfect.

  • And Paul McCartney is also stealing to The Beatles…

  • X

    do architects care about site anymore?


  • BenBen

    While I’m not a huge fan of the grey external rendering, I think it’s very brave for the now (st)architects to design something which simply serves as a vessel rather than a coveted object itself.

    The idea of the archetypal house has been explored previously by them and countless others, but here the simple idea of stacking them puts a little ‘twist’ (mwuhaha) on the concept. The interiors, crisp and clean, successfully and seductively showcase Vitra’s awesome range – and the fact that they’ve strategically punctuated the space with voids and a nice staircase demonstrates that they haven’t just gone on autopilot and treated the interior as a series of extrusions.

    Some plans would help, yup, but this is a keeper!

    (I tried to write it without sounding like a douche, don’t think I succeeded, hehe.)

  • Cj

    Njea! wood? really?

  • part-time geek

    I saw the cranes on the site when I was last there, they have some amazing architecture there, the haus looks to be finished beautifully…will fit in well.


  • sid267

    HdeM have gone pop – what a shame…..

  • chanty

    Another briliant ad on to the Vitra Campus. Can’t wait to see it and experience the space.

  • gab xiao

    okay… looks like a downfall

  • Can we please not pimp out every photographer that owns a 12mm lens and submits photos? If that were the case I’d throw 30 images of BMW Welt at you.

  • All I have to say about this is…




  • ellemelle

    I have been so lucky as to visit the Vitra Campus twice, and both times I felt like Alice in Wonderland. – Seeing Hadid, Prouvé and Ando, – and of course Gearys work up close like that! Plus all the wonderful furniture! Wow! Art! I think this new building adds to the great experience. Thanx!
    – And what is wrong about wood? You can get great, sustainably impregnated woods that will weather, and influence the architecture through the years. Great in combination with other cladding.
    – In my next life I am going to be filthy rich, spending loads of money on great architecture, art and design furniture! Jiha.

  • ntulnz

    I have posted several comments on different projects in the last few days/weeks, and I have never experienced the thrill of been published…is there something wrong? is it a GMT discrimination? Do you just cancel all comments received during the night?

  • Prachi

    really good interior projrcted in exterior!

  • An excellent and worthy exhibition space for the Vitra Home Collection. Well worth the visit.

  • ios

    please dont say this is random!

    it must be very tough to actually build something that is random. generally speaking..

  • roman kralya

    cccccccooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll/ searching new forms…. new ideas…. Reminds me pictures from one`s idiotic dream ) But .. excelent!!!

  • De nuevo nos damos cuenta, q tan solo el juego formal exterior no es suficiente para valorar las obras arquitectónicas, es magistral el trabajo de espacio, como hay algunos comentarios q me anteceden…gracias Herzog

  • Setting is farmlike with what appears as a contemporary farmhouse and adjoining barns and fits the Netherlands terrain completely. Interior spaces seem larger than exterior portrays-that is exciting. The white walls and wood flooring expected….would have liked to have seen a bit of brickwork in entrance. Something to look forward to experience on my next visit to the Netherlands. Thank you.

  • Oops….Just noticed Vitrahaus is in Germany- In any case find the architecture intriguing.


  • ST

    really impressiv! yes! a impressiv piece of shit! thank you H&DM for making the world a better place!

  • hardik

    It is really a noticeable building. I find it good.