House Szélpal by Felber Szélpal Architekten


Zurich photographer Bruno Helbling has sent us his photos of a house on a hillside in Switzerland by Swiss office Felber Szélpal Architekten.

Called House Szélpal, the two-storey building is located in Riedholz.

A band of windows wraps round the upper floor of the concrete residence.

The information below is from the architects:


The narrow form of the property together with its descending topography has amazing architectural consequences on the house itself.

The result is an elongated cube with two floors on the basis of an S-shape in section.

Because the plot is inclined lengthwise, the interior corresponds with the spaces outside on opposite ends of the building depending on the floor.

The entrance on the ground floor is on a level with the site to the east front, whereas the garden can be reached to the west from the terrace above.

A marvellous view on the entire alpine panorama can be caught on the upper floor, a quality which brings a hierarchy in between above and below.

Beside the entrance and the carport, the ground floor consists of other serving rooms like the office, the utility rooms and the cellar. All the main rooms for living are situated above, they are almost entirely oriented towards the view.

The monolithic concrete body has an elegant attitude, it appears clear and hard outside, while it is soft and warm inside.

By its internal insulation, the construction can be adapted to changing needs of the family in a simple and economical manner also later on.

The statics can easily be recognized outside, a long strip of a ribbon window relates the house to the panoramic view.

The building is inserted into the site without effecting much earthworks. Surrounding plants, flowers and trees create a powerful contrast between figure and nature.

Architects felber szélpal architekten ag, Solothurn
Location Riedholz, Switzerland

Project Type Single family house
Total Surface 400 m2

Interior Space 270 m2
Photographer Bruno Helbling, Zurich

Construction Company Galli AG, Surface and Civil Construction
Structural Engineer BSB+Partners, Engineers and Planners
Furniture Theo Jakob AG

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  • ondras

    Nice form, but looks a bit unfinished….

  • mark

    good use of exposed concrete without the “bunker effect” on the inside, well thought out

  • Niels

    Le corbusier revisited…it’s interesting to see how these principles with a minor transformation are still capable of making an interesting space.

  • maybe some colors ….

  • Grill Gambit

    A satisfactory solution to a run of the mill challenge.

    I have no idea why.

    (I guess it’s the restraint. Or the honesty of the thing. I don’t know for sure.)

    But I really like this pad.

  • Looks like an abandoned industrial site.
    I like abandoned industrial sites. The exterior is a bit too cold for me though, however the interior is rather nice.

  • martin

    se puede comentar de acuerdo al gusto de uno color no color etc pero mas alla de eso es un excelente proyecto logrado

  • travis

    The section is really nice. Perhaps the best spot in the whole place is that terrace. I’d like to see a bit more in those plans since the reduction and refinement in the project as built is unnecessary and annoying in the graphic communication. Reduce the excess to communicate better – but stop at the point when the drawings start telling me less!

  • lue

    Great idea bet need some landscape…

  • thompouce

    I would not like to live in this house

  • Brent

    Wonderful cubic reduction and clever adaption to the given estate.
    A lnadmark and house like a sculpture!

  • bodkin

    very ugly, lacks connection with it’s site and context, ignorant architecture using inappropriate materials (nice staining, i imagine that’s only going to get worse), done to death, i wonder why they felt the need to revisit that particular era of architecture (unless it’s written in the text, in which case i missed it because i was too bored to read it all)

  • Mark

    I admire its simplicity and elegance. The soft pastel colours throughout the exterior are wonderful however the exterior ceases to inspire me. It is bleak, dreary and resembles a factory. A failed attempt at le corbusier

  • ark

    Really timeless (undate-full?) . I like it. Looks peaceful to me