D.Vision Dental Clinic by A1 Architects


Lenka Křemenová and David Maštálka of Czech studio A1 Architects have completed the interior of a dental surgery in Prague where the walls are covered with illustrations of teeth, animals and plants.

Called D.Vision Dental Clinic, the practice has rounded walls covered in oak veneer, which extend into the treatment rooms.

The walls were illustrated by Alexey Klyuykov and Vít Svoboda of CAP and feature images of teeth, animals and plants.

The drawings begin outside the clinic and continue through the waiting area and into the treatment rooms.

More about A1 Architects on Dezeen: Small House exhibition (November 2009)

Here is some more text from the architects:

D.Vision Dental Clinic

Blanicka Street, Prague, Czech Republic
Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka / A1 Architects

New space for Dental Clinic D.VISION was opened after refurbishing ground floor at 19th century apartement house in Prague.

Beyond the regular dental treatment D.VISION practice also oral surgery, according to such a sensitive theme one of the main goals of architectural design was to break-through the stereotype of cold and often stressful environment of health care centres.

Rounded wall with oak veneer is the central motif and links the space of three treatment rooms and waiting area.

Beyond the pleasant oak texture the atmosphere of waiting room is characteristic for its ubiquitous painting by Alexey Klyuykov and Vít Svoboda the members of CAP.

Those golden graffiti naturally leak in the interior from the street with its free funny attitude.

The oak wall also comes through the surgeries and together with light glass mosaic tiling brings calm environment for precise and concentrated dentist´s work.

The oak veneer is designed in contrary with white furnishing in all treatment rooms, where the white colour associates purity, which is natural and important in health care.

The space harmony is achieved by interaction of pleasant character of natural material and perfectness of white colour.

The interior is lit by series of round ceiling lights, which freely flow all around the space.

There are several functions within 150 square meters such as two main surgeries, one treatment room for orthodontist and dental hygienist, panoramic X-ray unit, waiting room with reception and a large room for doctors to relax after concentrated work.

Client: Dr. Radek Pokorný, Dr. Dita Hašková / D.VISION
Design: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka / A1 Architects
Graffiti: Alexey Klyuykov & Vít Svoboda / CAP
Built Area: 150 m2
Realization: Autumn 2009

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  • *matt

    May I have a pear after my root canal? Food in a dental surgery room, interesting…

  • slater

    beautiful, if I still lived in Prague, I’d certainly have my teeth worked on here…often!

  • münte

    nice dentist. much better than the grafted superspaces

  • Nerd

    … that bowl of apples seems very, very out of place. They could have use something else to add a punch of color. But I like this, it’s pretty.

  • Matthias

    I always loved those movable black holes – you can stick them to a wall or lay them on the floor as shown here, and — aaaarrrghhhh!

  • HMS

    Not so sure about this one, architectural form seems to rule over the actual needs and comforts of the patients and employees. Visiting the dentist is an uncomfortable and unpleasent experience, this does not appear to have been considered when designing the interiors of this dental clinic.

  • nico

    i prefer my dentist’s office not to have creepy ghost-like figures walking around

  • AngerOfTheNorth

    Those pears are everywhere! It’s almost as if taking that little splash of colour out would leave the room a little drab…

    Still, with the little splash of colour (which will always be present in a room in use) I think this is pretty cool! I know I’d give my eye teeth to be registered at a dentist like this one… Okay, maybe not my eye teeth, but I’d pay an extra quid or two!

  • Dan

    An apple (or pear) a day keeps the doctor away . . .

  • horrible haridas

    like those black spill mats…. almost as if the clinic had cavities

  • The graphics on the walls seem a bit macabre… if you’re one of those who prefer to skip the dentist visits :)

  • ghull

    very very nice – love it

  • Therese Senac

    Suddenly going to the dentist doesn’t seem so scary…

  • Beautiful, The graphics on the walls seem a bit macabre… if you're one of those who prefer to skip the dentist visits

  • Can I open a dental clinic? I'm not a dentist, but I would like to starta business, so I was thinking of open a dental clinic, with about 10 chairs in the place, and either rent the space to some dentist, or charge a percentage of the sales.