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Alle by Luca Nichetto for Skitsch

In Milan next month Venetian designer Luca Nichetto will present a chair painted to look like the surface is already wearing away.

Called Alle, the design features a tubular metal frame with a curved plywood seat.

The legs and edges of the seat are painted in one colour, graduating towards the centre.

Nichetto created the design for Italian brand Skitsch, who launched their inaugural collection in Milan last year (see our earlier story).

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Here's a little text from Nichetto:


Created to serve many uses, Alle is a revisitation of the tubular chair, but with an innovative twist. The chair consists of a tubular metal structure into which a curved plywood seat is fitted, so both components are made of simple, commonplace materials.

It comes in two versions, a classic four-legged one and another with a four-footed columnar base.

One of Alle’s distinguishing characteristics is the gradated shading of the edges of its seat with paint the same colour as that of the frame, which creates an effect recalling the wear typically seen on the wooden chairs in cafés or bars.

Design: Luca Nichetto
Material: metal, plywood
Typology: furniture
Client: Skitsch
Year: 2010