Game of Trust by Yiannis Ghikas


Athens designer Yiannis Ghikas has designed a coat rack comprising three Y-shaped components leaning against each other.

Called Game of Trust, the prototype is made of wood and relies on each part supporting and being supported by the other two.

Here's a little more information from Ghikas:

“To trust and to be trusted, to support and to be supported, creating a seemingly fragile but yet viable state of equilibrium.”

The coat hanger “Game of trust” consists of three identical Y-shaped elements. Each one supports and at the same time is supported by one of the others, resulting in an embrace that transforms the units into a unity.

“Game of trust” is in the phase of prototyping. A first rough prototype has been made, revealing technical issues that have to be considered. The most of them are already solved and the rest are about to be solved. The “Game of trust” demands accuracy of construction, excellent quality of materials and the right people that can deal with both. The idea is to be made of solid wood (other materials are also possible), to be modular, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to pack, to fit in a small package and easy to carry.

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  • Sticky!

  • hayden

    Clever. Simple. Delightful. Unpretentious. And something I’d put in my home.

  • michael

    Please build a prototype first and then go public!
    It’s becoming insupportable!

  • Awesome until you use a heavy coat on a smooth floor. Make it! Test it!

  • *matt

    sober test: come home, try to hang up coat.

    It kinda gives a regular lifeless artifact a bit of character, one that may poke you in the eye if you don’t treat it right, or wake you up in the middle of the night if its pissed at you for not leaving it balanced, and you can’t trust it near any glass things.

  • *matt

    I forgot to say its fun and looks happy :)

  • 有意思!

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    Clever idea from the sales pitch! You have to buy all 3 and not just 1.

  • + 100 Michael!!

    It’s so easy to made rendering now!!
    Until you don’t test for real, with big coats, not little scarf from Hermes, you can’t tell it’s a finish product and sell as it.

    Sometimes I really missing the real picture with no white background, white lights, but in a real house, with real other objects, nice colors…

  • Looks good, is it stable? I would prefer it all in natural color. Anyway good concept!

  • Robert

    A game of trust by a Greek, awesome!

  • Jones

    I’ve said it before, but I can’t help but agree with some of the other comments: Dezeen, stop publishing CGI renders of products! Building a prototype isn’t that hard, and until they do it’s just back of the envelope stuff.

  • *matt

    Jones, I hear you but I enjoy seeing rendered concepts and I think even though they are not completely realized, renderings create good discussions. Just don’t click on it if its a rendering, eh?

  • HMS

    I love this, unpretentious and playful!

  • Gollumpus

    How high is this item? What is the area needed for the base?

    If it is to be the focus of a room, then great, place it right in the middle for all to admire and converse about. Most coat racks tend to be placed someplace near a corner. This does not look like it would be something which would fit well in such a space.


  • Jo

    Michael, give him money so he will be able to make a prototype.
    It’s becoming insupportable!

  • abdulqadirabas

    Yeah! I’m sure..renderings are good..especially when the designer is not sure what is in their head.Either to push their idea or not.When he saw our comments, straightly he can do the design’s calculation and end up being constructed or improved. :p

  • Come on guys – leave off the rendering hating.
    It doesn’t say it’s a real product anywhere, and she she’s submitting to Dezeen with a text that says :
    ” The idea is to be made of solid wood ”

    I can use my imagination.

    I just question why a desinger would give away their product ideas before approaching a company. Is this a symptom of celebrity culture where it’s more important to be seen than to survive (financially).

  • ddope

    I think that this is just a preview guys…

    Ghikas is always showing his work through prototypes,possibly this time is not done yet…but i think is really interesting and i hope to show us soon the prototype.

  • @asdfghjkl

    Is this a symptom of celebrity culture ? yes.

    Air design such as this gives ideas away for free: nothing to sell equals no money for prototypes, no prototypes equals no validation that the idea works, no validation equals no clue whether this works or not in the live world, no clue equals no way of presenting the idea in a convincing way to a manufacturer and sell it, which also means no money period, which means all further design process is fictive unless one takes a day job to finance said process.

    Oh yes, it sounds much better that way. Also, please note that publishing the photograph of a prototype will not protect your design, so you can forget about protection through renders.


  • Guido

    This won`t work, it has be in perfect balans otherwise one little breeze can make it collapse.

    Also look at the top view, left object and image a coat being hung on the right stick of the white thing, it has no support at all!! it will crash!!

    Now I actually think about it, this shouldn’t be on dezeen, what a louzy product.

  • apomet

    Guido,Did you ever believe that theese 3 objects just lean like this and not have screws or something?
    Look closer there are some holes there.

  • modular

    This will never work. Dezeen, PLEASE stop posting renderings here. Just finished products please.

  • designgurunyc

    Yes its nice. But ANOTHER COAT RACK?!!!

  • foutiarom

    wake up guy there are some holes where some skrews can be placed…
    but this is all about that a matter of trust…it’s ready to colapse but it wan’t…
    5 stars;)

  • essi

    the only reason I'm pissed at this is I can't buy it. Of course it's screwed in, just the visual is a balancing game. it looks beautiful. enough haters (world goes on and there's nothing we can do about ever changing games of the design world) just enjoy the beauty.