Curve Frame Sofa Set by Hyung Suk Cho


Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho has designed a collection of upholstered furniture trapped in metal cages.

Called Curve Frame Sofa Set, the project comprises a chaise longue, stool and side table.

The upholstered blocks of each are held together by stainless steel tubular frames.

More caged furniture:

Frame sofa by Hyung Suk Cho (January 2010)
Pebble by Osko+Deichmann (September 2009)

The text below is from Hyung Suk Cho:

Curve Frame sofa set (sofa, table, stool)

"Curve Frame sofa set"

The "Curve Frame sofa" is another frame version of Frame sofa. It consists of one lounge sofa, side table and stool.

A sofa and stool have three cushions. and The frames have smooth curve and hold each cushions. It solve the structure each of them.

Materials: stainless steel pipe, fabric

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  • What a great design !

    I think it is comfortable for reading.

  • Whats with all the Yellow this year???

  • michelalano

    pastels (pink, yellow, cyan) are great when paired with grey.

    looks nice, but not convinced of the comfort. i’m skeptical of furniture that suggests you should sit in only one position. also looks like it may be cumbersome to get in and out of.

    otherwise really nice simple design.

  • shania

    Stop all this 3D cad renderings! Oh, and that’s a bad yellow.

  • Vivi G

    looks comfortable, but would it be available in different colors?

  • Michael A

    I think all the yellow is to brighten up everyones all white rooms.

  • Nicolaiperovich

    Bright coolers this season :)

  • @ Shania – do you really think this would look any different if was a rendering or a real product? It’s tubes and cushions godammit. What’s the problem?

  • Funny! It looks like a stone age… in a modern version ;)

    Francois Beydoun

  • prius owner

    um sorry but the cushion will fall out as soon as you put pressure on the backrest section of the chair. It is quite easy to see this flaw.
    The cushions are not even segmented in a way that would allow them to hold in the frame under pressure. This is a very large mistake. The piece is unrealistic.
    Also in image three, the frame of the stool on the left….what is stopping it from falling to the floor. There looks to be no outward pressure holding it in position. it is effectively defying gravity. Come on…. there are quite a few very obvious flaws here.

  • j

    @Prius owner

    I think you’re totally disregarding two things on your critique:

    – The structural integrity of the cushions; these could actually be quite stiff.

    – The lack of images from behind the chaise lounge…there could very well be another bar supporting the cushion you are worried about falling through…just not as important to show here.

  • Shania

    @asdfghjkl – goddammit yourself. you don’t have a right to be in this forum with that kind of attitude.

    renderings are not based on reality, where any self-respecting designer needs to be.

  • nice and simple the colours

  • Zee

    Is this a render???!!?

  • alex

    @shania, I don’t think you can talk about attitude as your comment was rude (and to be honest childish and not constructive whatsoever) in first place.
    3d renderings are part of the nowadays design process and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you should stop living in the past and realise we are in 2010.

  • I like the design and colors. The yellow and grey combination is exceptional! may i have one? ;;)

  • James

    @Prius owner

    I think the cushion in the chair is held in place by a combination of the framework, and the subtle angle on the edges of the cushions – working kind of like a ‘keystone’ in stone arches…

    @ Francois Beydoun

    I get the same vibe! There’s something raw and natural about it… Possibly that feeling is derived from the tone of the fabric having a stoney, earthy quality? Also, like I said above, I think that there is a reference to stonework arches…

    I love this piece, the colours work really well together.

  • The lack of images from behind the chaise lounge…there could very well be another bar supporting the cushion you are worried about falling through…just not as important to show here

  • The design of this sofa is very simple but quite interesting. This was worthy to be chosen for the casual seat or resting place in the lobby or porch. Yes, I am glad of such a simple design.