Frame Sofa by Hyung Suk Cho

Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho has designed a sofa consisting of two cushions held in a metal frame.

Called Frame Sofa, the seating is made of stainless steel tubes and fabric upholstery.

More about Hyung Suk Cho on Dezeen: Kiwa bench

Here's some more information from Hyung Suk Cho:


Frame sofa & Frame table

"Frame sofa" is a special structure sofa. I want to design a sofa of new structure.

There are two big cushions and one frame. The Black frame is keeping two big cushions. So, You can sit on "Frame sofa."

"Frame sofa" is a sofa for the boards of the directors. When the boards of the directors sit on "Frame sofa", His black suite and "Frame sofa" are fantastically in harmony. And His charisma will be doubled. Ha!

And "Frame sofa" is the beautiful sofa even if you see it in the backsides unlike other sofas.

Frame sofa: 740x890x640(H)
Frame table: 740x890x200(H)
Material: sts steel pipe, fabric