Communicator by Martí Guixé for Alessi


Catalan designer Martí Guixé has created a series of containers for Italian design brand Alessi, which have arrows and speech bubbles for the user to write messages on.

Called Communicator, the collection also includes a pen pot with a plant-like shape for displaying notes.

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The text below is from Alessi:

Alessi – Marti Guixè

Objects have become tools for perceiving reality of every day, and also for communicating not only with objects, but also with other people through the objects. This collection is based on new typologies revolving around this concept.

Communicator arrow

A receptacle with a big arrow in the centre where it is possible to write messages. It can contain fruit, personal items or sweets and it is possible to write any message, a personal one, for each day or general messages for the public.

Communicator balloons

A receptacle with 3 speaking balloons, which can be used as boards to write messages on. The fruit, the personal items, or anything you put in the container will in this way speak or communicate through the balloons: an indirect way to display thoughts or daily instructions.

Communicator plant

A small vase with a tree-like vertical element. The vase can contain pens or office tools, but also kitchen or household items or anything you want. The vertical trunk allows you to hang written notes for personal or office communications, or to write notes.

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  • after a clock , it is possible to write messages on other Guixé’s product… next step?

  • Neo

    Before was “Spanish designer Martí Guixé has designed an armchair for Italian brand Danese …… ”

    But now is ” Catalan designer Martí Guixé…..” Wonder what happened…
    For what I know Cataluña is still not a country and they cannot issue passports. Then his passport must say Spanish on the nationality line.

    Btw, I like the project.

  • dcbcn

    Why is there nothing written on the arrows and speech bubbles in the actual product photos? It is as if they don’t actually believe in their own concept. This is the equivalent of all those chairs shown without people sitting in them. Oddly enough, they drew on the fruit, instead.

  • cmontilla


  • tanya telford – T

    like these, fun and personal,

  • oh no! Hero shot in action… man down!

  • mil

    Mr. Guixè needs long vacations or even better retirement.
    his recent works is terrible and without humor…

  • tanya telford – T

    (to elaborate), can imagine having (for instance) plate with arrow at home, and leaving message plus home made something or present etc, fun way to communicate, (am assuming the writing surfaces are wipe clean),

  • angry catalan

    @ Neo: First of all, I don’t think dezeen is the place to discuss Catalan politics. But still, Catalonia is officially a “nationality” according to its Statute of Autonomy. It all depends on Martí Guixé’s political beliefs, really. The “Spanish” option is NOT more “neutral” or “true” unless we ask Martí for his ideology, so it’s OK either way. But again, I don’t think dezeen is the place to discuss this.

    On topic: This is a fun little project, I like it.

  • angry catalan

    @ Neo: Oh, and I almost forgot! Within the world of design it DOES make sense to specify someone is fron Catalonia because Catalan design is its own scene – kind of like saying someone is a “designer from Milano”. I don’t think it’s about politics and passports as you said.

  • Srch


    Guixé is what he wants. Who are you to say what he wants to be? The passport is not the heart feelings, so please, go to talk about politics in other place. Thx.

    And don’t forget it, the constitution of Catalunya says is a nation integrated in a country, in this case, Spain.

  • A great fun tableware idea for Alessi – can’t wait to see these in the flesh.