School of Technology and Management
by Nuno Montenegro M+P Architects


Architectural photographer Fernando Guerra has sent us his photographs of a college building designed by Portuguese architect Nuno Montenegro.

Interior and exterior walls are punctured by the silhouettes of people.

Located on the campus of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal, the building houses the School of Technology and Management.

Here is some more information from the architect:

Located in Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal, architect Nuno Montenegro has designed the School of Technology and Management.

Some users say that you may get the feeling you’re not alone. In fact, the School is a collection of artefacts and compositions that offers imaginary pathways.

‘Learn by perception’ is a leitmotiv expressed by scattered silhouettes throughout the building.

This leitmotif challenges the viewer through a series of other spatial elements, such as labyrinth-like corridors and façades without perceivable openings.

The colour palette is obsessively white, making it harder to distinguish certain areas from one another.

While the space appears to be as monumental as a museum, framing space, its program comprises laboratories facilities, standard classrooms, and administrative services spaces.

The construction, with total area of 4250 m2, corresponds to a first phase of the overall complex.

Nuno Montenegro M+P offices are located near the natural reserve of Tejo estuary, in Portugal.

Established in 2003 to answer to an increasing number of public and private clients, the office is been supported by an interdisciplinary team and by the conceptual vocation of the developed projects.

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  • Isa

    lovely space for a college, EXCEPT the silhouette cut-outs, which in my opinion failed the entire scheme.

    perfect example of a chinese saying: one single rat dropping, ruins a pot of perfectly cooked rice porridge.

  • Interesting juxtaposition of black and white, with colorful and unexpected cutoffs

  • bebo

    i miss the time when i used to be taken by architecture, i think that time is comming back.

  • The Portuguese and the Spanish continue to amaze.

  • modular


  • ste

    looks promising from the outside but the interior isnt that cool… really annoying white spaces without character or inspiring moments… some funny gaps in the walls cant create atmospheres… the artificial light is boring and natural light is a real rarity… and sorry… the black framed square windows which are somehow glued to the floor in the corridors are really strange… imho theres a lot of missed potential in here. to many basic elements mixed together and the result is a building which isnt workign as a whole.

  • wasps

    really nice scheme. agree about the cut-outs tho, not a massive fan.

    what is a success i feel in the 5th and 6th images is what could be a dull, dreary double loaded coridoor made to feel simple, clean, light and ordered, with the large window at the end framing a glimpse of unordered nature in the building. by not slamming the doors up against the internal coridoor walls and allowing a visable void as you look up the coridoor helps keep sense of space in the coridoor.

    however this is only one element of the building

    excuse spelling

  • wasps

    also, however, dont like the handrails on the stairscase, look like a bulk buy of dda approved hand rails

  • des

    HAHA I am sorry but it just looks to me like the builders have taken the architects drawings to literal and have accidently cut out the shapes of people in the wall

  • i like the big number on the ceiling.
    great perspectives!

  • poster

    des you were right, i think it is a cool place to go and take funny pictures to upload to facebook you know among all the silouettes and so

  • Rute Ribeiro


  • llama

    very odd the silhouettes. Not quite as good as Corb´s really. If i were a student there id find them a little patronizing.

  • aeon

    In contrast to what many have said, I think that taken in context as a university building, the starkness of the finished surfaces and the interjection of the silhouettes play nicely off one another. If I may be so bold as to make the comparison, the graphics recall Rem’s more playful gestures at the Student Center at IIT. While Koolhaas’ building is very noisy in terms of graphic intervention, color, and spatial complexity, this building uses them as occasional interjection, making each instance rather bold.

    As a matter of personal taste, I’m a fan of the embossed numbers in the ceiling over the elevators, though I think I would have prefered that they label the floor they represent, rather than an arbitrary (to the user) label on each elevator.

  • steve

    great building, let down by the silhouettes. Nothing that some concrete blockwork and plaster could not fix.

  • kv

    overdesigned, underwhelming

  • des, your comment almost made me spray my mouthful of water at the screen.!!

    I find the silhouettes a bit ghostly and doesnt look right in such an application within a building.

  • gabs

    I really don’t get today’s architects’ rejection of colour!

  • Q

    some of the silhouettes are a negative twist to the building, but it is a nice work indeed

  • Is it nursery? it looks like paper model outside and in same time, like plastic toys inside… but it is fresh, of course, spesialy thouse siluete openings.

  • bryan

    “labyrinth-like corridors and façades without perceivable openings”
    “obsessively white, making it harder to distinguish certain areas from one another”

    Speaking as a college student, I would loathe this building. And yes, the cutouts are incredibly patronizing.

    Architecturally and conceptually I think it’s nice, but as a college building? :(

  • marbis

    Spanish and Portuguese architects are clear evidence of how an elegant and high level contemporary building design CAN stay away and save himself from that stupid and awful “special effects” architecture who only thinks about marketing and thinks of hosting only idiots…

  • DMV

    great building… very new, never seen concept. interesting to see the numbers on the ceiling but don’t agree with the handrails on the staircase. congratulations to the architects for pushing the architecture further. Can’t imagine this in Beja though… have to go see it