Nemo by Fabio Novembre for Driade


Milan 2010: another chair with a face. Italian designer Fabio Novembre presents giant masks for sitting in.

Called Nemo, the pieces are on show at Driade store in Milan this week.

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Photographs are by Settimio Benedusi.

The following text is from Novembre:

NEMO by Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre uses furniture design to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure (or parts of it). This human figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythicized beauty as occurred in Greek art where heroes (assuredly “dark and hairy”) took on proportionate and divine features in sculptures. In 2008, Fabio Novembre brought a mysterious reclined lady to life on the Divina lounger, and so with this new piece it is with all the more reason that Fabio seems to state the possibility of “anthropomorphic design”.

In fact, in NEMO a face with classic features is hollowed out to create an inhabitable space. The result is a head-armchair to be lived from the inside. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant. Tall enough to protect the person, and designed to be used outside and inside alike, NEMO has the power to turn any habitat into a theatrical scene. And whoever uses it becomes the protagonist in a story!

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  • Kelly

    The chair is creepy. The naked woman in the mask is creepier.

  • a new idea presents itself

  • torvizerarrrrrrch

    i agree with kelly!!

  • archiks

    I see a new idea for lady gaga songs :)

  • jack the ripper

    ehh, I have to say , I like the mask idea.

    there is something strangely romantic about this concept .

  • tamara orens

    that’s terrible!

  • Davide

    what does it look like without the model? can't see anything :)

  • clayton

    and now we have a face to go with the body… not impressed.

  • Conceptual, does it need more women do to the job? Anyways totem is good

  • KDS

    A Clockwork Orange meets Eyes Wide Shut.

  • jelena

    scary :/

  • Seth

    I agree with archiks!!

  • SO hilariously tacky! All it needs is some feathers and sequins.

  • scruces

    The woman is perfect.

    Love the sway of her back…her feet, her hands, calves, ankles, breasts, her posture, everything really. The chair is not bad either.

  • Prof Z.

    @ previous posts

    Fabio NOVEMBRE:
    ” I don’t think I have an “approach to design”. I am unavoidably myself and things I do are my form of communication”.

  • A drawing is an idea.
    This Nemo is an awesome tribute to Gio Ponti, well-known creepy architect.
    And Fabio Novembre is a big thief.

  • Prof Z.

    Gio Ponti, Maschera di Diavolo for Lino Sabattini?

  • Prof Z.

    oh i remember it but it’s on Fabio Novembre’s blog

  • Piper Maxwell

    a great piece doesn't need a naked model prop. this hurts my eyes, it leaves my brain weak.

    • Amanda

      I agree. It does not need a naked model to capture attention. Only the attention of desperate and perverted men with no self-control.

  • sc hu yl er

    When in doubt, add naked woman.

  • Diego

    Sex sells ladies & gentlemen!! But, I don't find this chair sexy in any way, not even touching on provocative. Not quite sure what the model is there for, except to entice me with lust for flesh…but the mask killed it.

    Kelly, I agree with you!

    fabio, would have preferred it more if it was a pot with a bare naked tree!

  • Erik

    Is the girl included?

  • Prof Z.

    @Piper Maxwell and Erik
    The selection of model is by Fabio himself
    Even with no naked model it’s a good conversation starter with some less comments, that’s all!!!

  • stanley

    It would have nice to see will alsop model this chair..

  • Prof Z.

    I’m sure now, after listening a Matali Crasset’s interview by Fabio , that Philippe Starck influences Fabio Novembre….and not only with this product

  • once upon a time

    Why do all the hot girls always hang with the ugly chairs?

  • Xit

    ‘His mask of sanity has finally slipped’ Good work Fabio

  • Certainly enough sleazy rich people with no taste to keep stuff like this afloat. Have you noticed how they all chain smoke red malboros, drink coffee and have rotting breath though?

  • Prof Z.

    it’s Starck neo surrealism in interior… but anti pollution mask seat could be better, now.

  • the girl look very natural with chair
    I would like to try it

  • The chair is creepy.
    amazing design!

  • olgv

    I guess this chair end up on Dezeen, because of the woman, right ?

  • it calls my attention ! In what proportion? the perfect lady 99% and the chair 1%

  • charles GENT

    i am at this moment the proud owner of a nemo chair i was so overwhelmed by the beauty of this chair that i could not resist to buy it ………thank you mr Novembre for such beauty
    PS: could you send me such a lovely lady, i will take care of her

    charles GENT BELGIUM

  • OddStrange

    May I ask if there is any specific reason why the woman sitting in the chair has to be naked? And wearing a creepy mask?