Fury! by Roel-jan Elsinga


Milan 2010: Dutch designer Roel-jan Elsinga has created an angry little felt-covered chair called Fury!

The bright red chair is described as a "fashion chair".

The chair was presented at the HIDDEN HEROES exhibition in the Nhow Hotel at Via Tortona 35 in Milan last week.

See all our stories about Milan 2010 in our special category. Here's some text from the designer:


A fearless little chair, that barks but doesn’t bite. Fury! is a lively and visually noisy little fellow.
But he means well. At night he walks around your space, blowing off steam, cursing a bit.
But the cheeky little f**ker has a heart of gold and is actually really really sweet, and he loves being petted…
As with most people it’s an inside-outside thing.

Name of product: Fury!
Type of product: fashion chair
Material: metal/wood frame, felt covering
Size: seat height 43cm
Colour: bright red
Special features: at night it comes alive and walks round your home
Completion date: March 2010
Manufacturer: Elsinga Design

Designer: Roel-jan Elsinga
Website: www.elsingadesign.com

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  • jack the ripper

    oh yes , this is so pretty !!!

  • anja

    This is not just a pretty little thing, this is amazing ! Imagine what could be happening to your house having two of those around at night ….

  • lala


  • Love it! So much personality. Want.

  • modular

    Cute. Yet…. for those of us who have cats inside our homes it’s a bit… ahmm…. ya’know what I mean, right?

    Anyway, keep it up! With or without cats!

  • Katy

    Nice…I like the special feature

  • How bout a green one?

  • jack the ripper

    @modular …

    yes , know what you mean . Mine have adopted a Panton chair to sit pretty ( I am not even allowed on it ) but destroy the sofa instead ( as not designer you see)
    but then again , cats are right snobs….

  • nicey

    am sure it’ll soon be all the rage.

  • sorn sorthor

    green one would look as if designer has an inspiration from durians

  • sorn sorthor

    or cactus

  • designgurunyc

    a piece of furniture with a personality. i hate to admit it, i love it!

  • @sorn:

    Actually cactus.

  • Nice.

    Funny it’s red – cause that looks like it’s been done with pinking shears.

  • Prof Z.

    it’s a very dutch decorative-edged scissors chair

  • eastmeetscrass

    Seriously people, what’s so angry about this chair other than looking like a conventional chair with saw cut felt wrapping….

  • koko

    I could see these chairs totally brighten up your house… And your day!

  • greenguy

    a chair for the Tasmanian Devil (cartoon version). Love to see a bar full of these

  • quelqun

    it's not furious, it's cute. I'd consider it a fail of design, if the designer actually ment to create an angry chair.