Down Side Up by Fabrica


Designer Sam Baron of Fabrica will present a modular collection of furniture full of holes at ICFF in New York later this month.

Called Down Side Up, the series consists of four wooden boxes that can be transformed into various furniture forms by attaching legs and handles to holes in their surfaces.

More about Sam Baron on Dezeen:

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Here's some text from Fabrica:

Down Side Up is a change-inspired collection of wood furniture.

An encounter between experimentation and consumption, where design challenges shapes, volume perception and directions to create objects with constantly varying functions and interpretations.

The Down Side up collection is fundamentally four wooden volumes, considerately dimensioned to offer many meanings and possibilities.

In this way a work desk can also be a shelf, a stool can also be a bedside table, a bench can also be a granfather clock.

It's all in the way you interpret four legs and a wooden box covered with holes.

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  • applejack

    See Jerszy Seymour for cool projects with an excellent rebel DIY ethos /against consumerism, these projects fall into ‘5.5 designer’ land ie : pseudo ‘freethinking’ that they try to sell back to us. People, Just get down to your local hardware store & be a designer too.

  • Marcus Des

    Retro-Memphis with holes.


  • Prof Z.

    In the video Dean Brow (UK), designer for fabrica tells about the collection, called Down side up