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Royal Actual by Sam Baron

Designer Sam Baron has created a collection called Royal Actual for Portuguese porcelain manufacturers Vista Alegre.


The range will be launched in at trade show Maison & Object, which begins tomorrow in Paris.


The following information is from Sam Baron:


Vista Alegre is the jewel of Portuguese industry. Founded in 1824, it cooperated closely during the first years of its life with the Manufacturing Royale of Sèvres. Nevertheless its strongest creative relationship was with the Orient.


In fact it was Portugal which created, in the XVI century, the first movement of cultural globalisation in the history of humanity . Indeed, the fact that the Portuguese were the first Europeans to reach the East (China and Japan) allowed-them to manufacture the first porcelain pieces to Europe. Through the hands of the Portuguese, Europe, who had no previous knowledge of the manufacture of porcelain, rapidly began to send their decorations to China, to be painted on pieces of porcelain or china manufactured in the East.


This created the first flux of a bidirectional, cultural and commercial relationship between two extremes of the world, giving rise to a rich heritage of pieces of art, commonly known as parts of the "Company of Indians".


Today,whist maintaining its aesthetic and cultural origins, the Vista Alegre has decided to renew its product range through the commission of contemporary designers. Amongst these is the collection "Royal Actual" by Sam Baron, which will be presented for the first time, on a worldwide level at Maison & Object 2009.


We hope that this collection will promote the fusion between classicism and modernity, as well as the co-existence of Oriental and European shapes, thus expressing a new spirit in which Vista Alegre wishes to present itself to the globalised World.


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