House in Atagoyama by a.un architects


Japanese studio a.un architects have completed a house clad inside and out in wood, located in Mie, Japan.

Called House in Atagoyama, the building is elevated from the road and kinked in the middle to afford views of the sea and sky from every room.

Photographs are by Yuya Saito.

Here's some more information from the architects:

The house is for a couple and two active boys. Site is located on a small rise of land after walking a little uphill.

Put a 30 degree-curved wooden box on the ground which is 1.8m higher from road.

By curving a little, it builds up all-round view of ocean and sky from every single room.

Needed life spaces for four family members are fitted in simple plan, as compact as possible.

The interior space surrounded wood is preferable to be peaceful, warm, and gentle.

This is the house that people can live by incorporating wavering light, refreshing breeze, beautiful Ise Bay lit by rising sun, and surrounding green from season to season.

Location: Mie, Japan
Site area: 239.81 m2

Building area: 66.74 m2
Total floor area: 108.51 m2

Structure: wooden
Principal use: residence

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  • That is one crisp, clean and … boxy box.

  • felix

    What’s that box above the piano?

    Hopefully all this wood is not unvarnished, although it looks that way. I do like the two toned wood floor.

    The geometry feels very clumsy to me. Not enough excitement or rigour.

    That little porch around the double doors is pointless other than to break up the boring facade. Can’t even stand in it.

  • Obscurity

    How happy the whole family must be feeling having their own new house built on a site raised for a good view!

    I envy the location of this house. Just wondering what measures the archietect has incorporated in this flat-roofed, wooden-sided house against the elements.

    (The box above the piano is for an air conditioner unit; the porch with a shoe cupboard at the entrance is a must space for us to take off shoes before stepping in the house.)

  • Robert

    @Obscurity: I live in Japan, there are millions of sites like this around the country. Welcome anytime!

    As for protections against the elements, the wood on this house will not last ten years before, snow, salt blown in from the ocean, sand and wind destroys it. It will look pretty awful within 2 years.

    The box above the piano isn’t for air conditioning units. I have never seen one that would fit in there. And you would have to drill through the side compartment to punch a hole in the wall for the air/water duct. Not very practical.

    The energy bill will be enormous.

    Lovely color though.