Berg Frei! by Nicole Losos


German design student Nicole Losos has created a concept for a triangulated wall-mounted structure that you can sit, sleep, read, eat and keep things on.

Called Berg Frei! the sofa resembles a mountain landscape and provides extra surfaces and storage underneath.

Several of the sofas could be mounted in a row to provide seating for more than one person.

Here's some more information from Losos:

A sofa-mountain landscape ‘Berg Frei!,’ this unique concept-furniture helps you experience the extended view of your surroundings, akin to mountains, altering your outlook toward the height and direction.

Now, the space limited surfaces at your home or office would be able to create an unusual bond with the surrounding space.

The wall-mounted sofa offers you a very comfortable way of conversing eye to eye, in spite of your sitting or standing posture, with 40cm of difference.

Cautiously designed with accurate height and dimensions, the ‘Berg Frei!’ can be altered to a height level of 82 cm and its curvy structure offers a new relationship towards the surrounding space is created.

Presenting perfect lighting with a lamp located at the corner, it’s quite spacious with defined place for keeping your stuff and belongings.

Generating a feel of being at the Alps, this piece of furniture offers you a comfortable place for sitting, relaxing, reading and playing.

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  • yoxbrox

    looks fantastic. BUT the facet trend doesn’t justify discomfort. maybe the views aren’t describing the form well enough but I can’t imagine my back lying across a sharp polygonal edge. my eyes love facets but my ass never will.

  • Gravy

    Well put.

  • tanya telford – T

    very neat the way its mounted on a wall making it possible to have it at any height, & great for lining up with vistas (if the room has them through the windows), also like the mountain type shapes, i really like these, (i think picture 8 makes it look more user friendly), i wonder how soft it is, does (what looks like) a wire frame extend into the main sofa shape?

  • rach

    Wow I’m in love with the last picture with a lamp…

  • mr

    Interesting idea but mock up testing photo with someone needed here to convince.

  • dk

    not for an apartment stud wall me thinks. x

  • gray

    yoxbrox you got it right right right.

  • structure looks too flimsy to be (physcially) viable… and what happened to ergonomics?

    otherwise the general concept of a cantilevering sofa is intriguing, albeit not new.

  • junihaoni

    i would prefer lying on the floor then.

  • ich habe die präsentation damals live gesehen! und sie war eine der besten vorstellungen und ausarbeitungen die ich je gesehen habe!!
    gratulation zu einem so gut gelungenem gestaltungs konzept !


  • I wonder what the maximum load is. I really doubt it is enough to supper a person, even if it is mounted on studs.

    Interesting form I suppose. Triangulation is so “in”. :)

  • *support. ugh.

  • sum of all comments= idea half baked. Nicole, get out from behind your computer and build the thing!