Flying Sauna by H3T architects


Czech studio H3T architects have hung a sauna beneath a bridge over the river Elbe.

Called Flying Sauna, the temporary wooden structure must be reached by boat.

The bridge used to form part of a weir, now dismantled and laid on the river bed.

Here are some more details from the designers:

We have created an opportunity. A cube where anyone can enjoy sauna is hanging above the river.

Any way of bringing attention to the original structure of the weir is positive.

The nature of our project made us use cheap materials (partly recycled) and simple structural design.

The construction didn't take longer than a week. Its lifetime in this location will probably not exceed two weeks.

Operating instructions: bring some firewood or you can collect it in adjacent forests. It is necessary to be equipped with a boat. Be careful when entering and exiting sauna. The stream under the sauna is strong. You can use one of the pillars as a rest place. Enjoy!

The construction of the weir with overhead bridge began simultaneously with the construction of Mělník weir but it was finished one year later.

It consists of two zones: the wider was dammed with a slide gate with tilting frames of the Schwarzer's system; the narrower was dammed with a slide gate suspended on the lift bridge of the Liebisch system. Moving parts of the weir were manufactured by Breitfeld, Daněk & Co. In literature Pavel Janák is stated to be the author.

The weir was put out of operation in 1972-1974 during the renovation of Labe waterway. It was replaced with a drum weir further down the river. Schwarzer's frames were tilted to the river bed and they remain there up to the present; the suspended slide gate was lifted. In this state it has been declared a cultural monument.

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  • steve

    does it have a trap-door to fall into the river afterwards ? instead of a cold shower…

  • Jim Buoys
  • Nordpoll

    This could be handy for a such building!

  • simple made but great concept & space

  • oliveg

    i’m still confused, how to get in and out?

  • ben.


    There’s trap-door. More photos at

  • what about insulation? and fire precautions?

    besides that the idea is great. sauna and fishing at the same time ;-)

  • My instinct was ‘how bizarre’, but I really want to have a go in it!

    @julakim fire precautions: if it catches alight it’ll probably fall into the water…

  • tanya telford – T

    it says the current is strong, agility needed, or…….. how about a canoe flotation – could work, from pillar to pillar,

  • I bet it stays hotter longer because the door is on the floor and heat will stay trapped like a hot air balloon. Try not to float away!

  • Teo

    This is a bad version of Sami Rintala’s sauna. If you’re going to copy the design at least make it better. What Rintala did was perfection – this is just plain stupid and dangerous, and unaesthetic at that …just go to a normal sauna.

  • I think it's pretty cool. It has this kind of arty style though seems to be functional. On the other hand I'm imagining how bizarre it would look like to get into that sauna because you would look like a naked spiderman :-)

  • Well – I think this is funky. It remainds on a dinner table that was set up on a crane in about 75 meters hight in hamburg.