Santpere47 by Miel Arquitectos


Barcelona studio Miel Arquitectos have completed the renovation of a flat in Barcelona, Spain, divided diagonally by two golden strips.

Called Santpere47, the open-plan interior features a staircase with mirrored glass on the risers, creating reflections of the carpeted treads.

Recesses in the walls and stairs plus a mezzanine floor provide storage space.

Two golden strips divide the apartment diagonally above head-height, forming coat hooks, a wine rack and supporting a ladder to the mezzanine along the way.

Here's some information from the architects:


The alteration of the flat SANTPERE47 is a rereading of the spatial structure of the typical of the end of the 19th century, succession of isolated rooms and disconnected courts.

SANTPERE47 dissolves the structure of walls through new physical and visual connections.

It was reading the flat when we discovered a geometric coincidence in the Cartesian plot, a diagonal axis that followed the hollows of the entrance’s door, of an intermediate pass throw and of one of the large windows faced to the street.

This way was born the diagonal that organizes the project.

The restructuring of the former spaces of the flat gives place to visual unexpected whose origin always is the principal room that does the times of "room of control".

From it, across the court you see another room, across the distributor a bath appears and across the bath ensuite is the living; it is this "diluted" bath the one that allows you to brush your teeth with the light and the reflection of the trees of the street.

Two golden guides follow the bodies that slip on both sides of the diagonal, two technical guides that support the wired up, lighting, guides of doors and a sliding stairs.

These golden lines establish a horizontal division in the flat: up to 2,20 m it flows the living space and above the given space floats, with another scale organizes mezzanines of storage, bottle racks, the entry of zenithal light in the bath or a polyvalent room.

SANTPERE47 is a fresh dialog with its origins that one discovers between the golden art craft ceiling of the dining room and the dance of drops of illuminated water, in the tactile experience of the girders of wood that support the floor within reach of your hands in the mezzanine or in the stairs - furniture that riches it formed by the mosaic re-consisted of the old living, which reflection multiplies like a magic carpet.




ALTERATION: 105,00m2

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  • Felix

    What happened to my comment? Is this design by the son of a Dezeen editor or something and can’t be criticised?

    There is a lot wrong with this layout. The fridge sticks out, you can see into the master bedroom’s en suite. the bathroom and bedroom 2 are weird shapes. there’s a ladder in the hall. no handrail on the ugly stairs. bad use of space for the dining and living room areas.

  • nico

    I have been looking over this for some time now. There’s something about this project that seems very odd to me. The ladder in the hallway perhaps? The gold strips? The bland finishes? One of the most attractive things about this project, however, is the sectional drawing. I tend to like small spaces and enjoy seeing how one achieves the ever-present need for storage while plugging in the necessary program. Unfortunately, the finished product is not affording me what I get from the section. I understand that designers have to deal with clients’ wants and needs AND (most important) their budget, but I still find myself baffled by the oddities of this space. I also would like to see a better image of the courtyard. I feel like that could have been a very prized moment in the overall project.

  • A lot of good ideas, but the stairs definitely look dangerous.


    well I do like it quite a lot, especially the stairs, the use of glas etc and I don’t think the forms are too weird….

  • Nice project. I Really like a lot of the untraditional details instead of theese clean looks you always see. Fantastic stair. you did a lot with very few means

  • D.Martin

    Fantasy + design = awesome job

    Perfect management of best light entrance in the flat. Love the stairs and how you distrubuted the spaces.

    Willing to see your future works!

  • maite

    in my opinion this design is really good…. I like how the designing is so unique, and I like how much free space the apartment have…. i think they did a very good job on this designing, I will be lookinf for more from them.