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Bucchero by Siba Sahabi

Designer Siba Sahabi of the Netherlands has hand-crafted a series of vessels from black wallpaper.

Called Bucchero, the series comprises nine pieces including carafes, goblets and cups that draw on blackened Etruscan ceramics.

Photographs are by Karin Nussbaumer.

Here's some more information from Sahabi:

The series of paper vessels takes inspiration from characteristic black Etruscan ceramics.

"Bucchero" comprises nine pieces - carafes, goblets and cups - which are hand-crafted from black wallpaper used for its strength and resistance to light.

The Etruscan was a folk that lived 800 to 100 B.C. in the Toscana. Their so-called Bucchero ceramic is black because the pottery was fired in an atmosphere charged with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. This technique is known as "reducing firing" and leads to a shiny metallic look. The Etruscan imitated oriental metal works that were imported from Cypress and Phoenicia (modern day Lebanon and Syria). In this means Western knowledge of porcelain production was combined with Eastern sense of aesthetics. For me that is a beautiful example of how one culture has influence on another one leading to renewal and cultural richness. My intention is to make a link between history and presence, emphasizing the ongoing importance of cultural melting pots.

What fascinates me about paper is its fragile, transient quality. My delicate but pliant objects come into being through a slow process. I try not to focus only on the result but first of all on the process; for me it's important to forge an emotional bond between me, the human being, and the paper that is taking shape in my hands.

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