Axis by Ramei Keum


South Korean product designer Ramei Keum has designed a clothes rail where the ends of the frame are shaped like hangers.

Called Axis, the product is made of tubular stainless steel.

Its shape means jackets can be hung over the ends.

Here's a tiny bit of text from Keum:


Axis is a stand hanger which its frame itself has a function of a hanger. Some people will have an experience not hanging up clothes since a stand hanger doesn’t have an aid hanger (a small hanger). In such an experience, I found a design point of Axis. A simple change of its structure makes Axis have two hidden hangers with a formative feature.

Dimension_W 400 D 1000 H 1750
Material_Stainless steel

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Posted on Tuesday May 25th 2010 at 9:38 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Cr.

    Nice ! Although he should’ve designed the hangers as well.

  • OK, I want one! Where I can buy it?

  • i really like it; simple and clean. Maybe the pipe thickness its excessive… still nice. congrats.

  • Diego

    Yeah, this one like the outdoor shower really works for me. This rail should do very well, cant wait to see it out there.
    As Cr. put it, Ramei should aim for the hangers too. Nice one bro.

  • Gravy

    Hangers have hooked ends. The ends of that frame don’t.

  • derek

    Nice, but ignores functional needs. Every time you move your clothes around they’ll fall off the ends unless you’re very careful. Needs some hanger stops.

  • mvb

    Clean design and coherent idea. It would be perfect adding 4 wheels for transport.

  • pepe

    no hanger stops,
    no wheels,
    and it looks like it’s all one piece, that doesn’t come apart for transport. unusable