Clocks by Stefan Strumbel


Clocks by Stefan Strumbel

More from the Stefan Strumbel's Home Sweet Home show at Circleculture Gallery in Berlin (see our earlier story), this time cuckoo clocks representing violence, death and sex.

Clocks by Stefan Strumbel

Each clock features mouldings of bones, animals and weapons alongside more traditional leaves and scrolls.

Clocks by Stefan Strumbel

They were on show at the Circleculture Gallery until last week, alongside Strumbel's KRUZIFIX project. More information in our earlier story.

Clocks by Stefan Strumbel

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Clocks by Stefan Strumbel

Photographs are by Oliver Rath or Sarah Davies.

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  • modular

    My friend, your clocks are wicked!

  • sakshi

    i know…its odd and wicked……
    but somehow i still like it…….!

  • Shane

    OH THE HORROR! How dare he disgrace the iconic look of a cuckoo clock.

  • Loved it…I could have one for each time zone…

  • I’m curious to know what the cuckoo looks like!

  • unpopular

    I want one. It will be awesome with my ed hardy duvet and pillowcases.

  • Horror kitsch cuckoo attack! …well I want one