Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell


Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Eindhoven designer Nacho Carbonell built himself a giant iron nest for Design Miami/Basel this week.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Called Bush of Iron, the structure contains a seat for one person facing a desk-like recess inside the prickly wire shell.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

This piece is the last in Carbonell's Diversity series for Galleria Rossana Orlandi, shown in Milan earlier this year (see our earlier story).

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Miniatures of the other pieces in the series were shown alongside it.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Design Miami/Basel continues until 19 June.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Here's some more information from Carbonell:

Nacho Carbonell, Design Miami/Basel Designer of the Future, Unveils the Final Missing Piece, a Culmination of the New “Diversity” Series June 14, 2010 in Basel.

Single Large Raw Metal Piece by Carbonell is On View at DesignMiami/ Basel 2010.

Galleria Rossana Orlandi presents the central and concluding piece by Nacho Carbonell, the 2009 Design Miami/Basel Designer of the Future, for the Diversity collection of conceptual desks shown during the past Milan Furniture Fair. Carbonell, a native of Valencia now based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, rapidly established a reputation for creating distinct, innovative forms and highly experimental finishes following his graduation in 2007.

Works in his “Evolution” series, for example, recall natural forms, such as gourds, pods and cocoons, finished with coatings made from papier mache, ground corn, leaves and other elements frequently boiled down into a paste that is applied to steel and wire armatures. His recent “Skin” series featured simple table and chair forms sealed in elastic latex that contained an umbilical-like connection between the objects. Carbonell’s works often invite interaction – one can hide one’s head between the layers of latex in a “Skin” series work, or disappear totally into the bulbous appendage of an “Evolution” piece.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

In the past Milan Design Week, Carbonell took twenty iterations of the same form – a slender-legged chair attached to a narrow, covered desk – and created distinct finishes for each with the result suggesting a demographically diverse neighborhood. One is coated in “hair filaments” that can be combed and groomed; another in shards of broken glass from used wine bottles; and, yet another in a granular concrete coating. Arrayed in the vast and opulent 625 square meter exhibition space at the Palazzo Ferre, the so called Diversity collection seemed almost processional.

Now, for DesignMiami/ Basel and following the success of Diversity, the designer opted to make a final grand Diversity piece resembling a natural creature that is made using raw iron crafted as in the beginning of the industrial era. The Bush of Iron, as it is titled, is the last and most laborious piece, designed with a reinforced all iron structure which houses thousands of wire spines seemingly extruding from the desk-like frame. Inspite of the creature-like inspiration, the designer opted to keep the cold and serene attributes of the metal and provided it with a weight - close to a ton - and a volume large enough so that it creates an overwhelming atmosphere in it's surroundings.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

In the inside of the piece, the user will find a space where to rest, think, isolate himself... always protected from the exterior thanks to the metal extrusions reaching meters into the air. "The innards of the Bush of Iron provide one person with a private space, protected from any interruptions", says Nacho Carbonell, "the outside is another story: like a porcupine, its spines are not there to make you cuddle comfortably around it".

This central piece will be accompanied by small scale models of the 18 Diversity pieces in the collection. Nacho wants to give visitors an opportunity to see the whole collection together once again, even if in small scale.

Bush of Iron by Nacho Carbonell

Rossana Orlandi said, “After the Evolution Collection, presented last year at ArtBasel/ DesignMiami, The Diversity collection continues the collaboration between Galleria Rossana Orlandi and Nacho Carbonell. It is important to show here this piece which concludes and summarizes the whole Diversity project, showing our aim to follow and support Nacho Carbonell's career”.

The show takes place at the booth of Galleria Rossana Orlandi at DesignMiami/ Basel 2010, Hall 5, Messe Basel, Messeplatz 4005 Basel, Switzerland.

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  • modular

    Once again:

    Handicraft isn’t design.

  • enutrof

    i don’t see a progression in this artists work. same forms just covered in a different material.

  • Bopsiclay

    It’s not design it’s dezeen.

  • Mr G .String

    @bopsiclay ;

    and what ‘s wrong with that ?

  • Desk by Nacho is the most rapresentative sculpure in this century

    Strangely the title alone titillates me….

  • Konga

    I find it comforting.

  • Jugosu

    Does it matter if its design or craft?

  • I hope no one will be blinded by this thing.

  • dj

    a giant hedgehog…

  • joe

    was he a bird in his previous life?

  • to modular:
    handicraft is not design? are you sure? :)

  • dune

    enutr! i totally agree with you! when i first saw his work at last year’s milan design week, i was so excited to follow his work and excited for what he had next. i love his evolution series but everything after that has just been a miss. I let his textural desks (or what ever they were called) go on a fluke, but now i see that he isn’t going anywhere new like he did with his first show. I still have respect for him and would love to intern with him.

  • dune

    oh and. is it just me or is it lame when your photographed with your own work.

  • Tom Ford

    Pretentious, awkward, craft-based yet useless. Designer of the future only if the future is a post-nuclear apocalypse.

  • Hallo

    Why is Nacho in every single picture? I’m getting fed up with these designers trying to be superstars like Job. The products should be better designed

  • kakitangan

    handicraft if serves a purpose and has function IS design!
    all things made by hand requires a direct correlation with the mind of the maker, whic can result in a more spontaneous, less contrived and honest piece of work unlike a piece of overdesigned fancy aluminium extruded chair for instance. don’t be so hasty in judging a piece of work through a limited series of photographs.

  • Travis

    Inside the artist’s head: i’d love to display at Design Miami, but i don’t want to have to speak to / interact with / smell / come within 3′ of anyone…

  • Nacho

    Dear Dune,
    Whereas i’m currently looking for 3 new interns with stipend, free living quarters and access to my workshop for their own purposes, i would expect that the interns chosen would have some appreciation for what i’m doing and NOT displace me or my work on a public site. Also, i do enjoy being photographed with my creations.


    ps this is not really Nacho : )

  • He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…at Nachos chair ;o)