Heimlicht by Leoni Werle


Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

DMY Berlin 2010: designer Leoni Werle of Germany combines an enormous lamp shade with a table to make this workspace.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

Called Heimlicht, the piece is couter-weighted to allow the shade to be lowered to any level.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

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Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

Here are some more details from Werle:

Heimlicht - A Symbiosis of Table and Lamp

heimlicht deals with an object that provides for a retreat and a place to work in public and domestic spaces.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

By combining a work surface with a light source a piece of furniture was created that can offer its user an optimally lit up work area.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

Furthermore it conveys a feeling of security through its formal appearance and the choice of materials.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

On the one hand the oversized lamp shade enables its user to cover the entire work surface and by doing so to conceal all the personal things that are on it.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

On the other hand the lamp shade can be used to create a space in which one can work without being disturbed.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle

The counterbalance enables the user to move the lampshade in every position.

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  • wow … looks fantastic … so clean – like it!

  • marius

    i would like to have one as some kind of an altar of ideas

  • F

    Well done Leo!

  • I dig it! could also lower the shade to “hide” top secret designs when not present…hah!

  • felix

    That rope going through the eye hook would make me very paranoid that the rope would get worn through and the lamp would crash onto my head while I’m working.

    “On the other hand the lamp shade can be used to create a space in which one can work without being disturbed.” – Er, how? Don’t show us a photo please, I’ll just try and imagine how I work inside a lamp.

  • jeremy

    nice lamp, but the non-integration of the power cord is a minus…

  • David

    Why would I want my lamp over my table? A good example of over designing..

  • Max

    really nice… I can imagine that working under that huge lamp shade is a real treat…