Welcome to the Jungle by
My Own Super Studio


Welcome to the Jungle by My Own Super Studio

DMY Berlin 2010: Portuguese designer Rui Alves of My Own Super Studio presented this herd of benches at last week's DMY Berlin.

Welcome to the Jungle by My Own Super Studio

Called Welcome to the Jungle, the five pieces each have a flat surface supported on four chunky posts.

Welcome to the Jungle by My Own Super Studio

Alves gave them different colours and proportions to represent a group of toy animals.

Welcome to the Jungle by My Own Super Studio

The project was one of ten in the jury's selection. See all our stories about DMY Berlin in our special category.

Welcome to the Jungle by My Own Super Studio

The following text is from Alves:

Welcome to the jungle. James (elephant), John (hippopotamus), Jeremy (lion), Jerry (giraffe) and Joe (crocodile).

Like many children, is age, my son loves to play with his ever growing collection of toy animals, and sharing this experience, with him, I came up with the idea of creating a group of special, small, pieces that might make children and adults feel the same about items of furniture. Welcome to the JUNGLE is a group of 5 friends that you can use almost anyway that you want. They can be tables, stools, or even coat hangers. They can even jump over one another in order to make some shelves. Made of wood, and with a bright and glossy skin they've arrived and they have made the jungle their home.

Take one home. Take them all home. Go wild, but most of all enjoy. You just have to catch them first!

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  • felix

    The lion, elephant and hippo are almost exactly the same, and have nothing to suggest what animal they are other than the colour. I like the crocodile and giraffe though.

  • very nice, very clever

  • andie

    great color palette, nice form, but when you stack them up, i wonder how stable or secured are they…but overall its good

  • famul

    Absolutly refresing !

  • Lord D

    I have to admit, at first I thought this was quite inane easy-on-the-eye-ikea-type furniture, but after looking at the images and realising they are for children and adults I am quite impressed.

    These are beautiful objects and I agree with famul, refreshing is a perfect description!

  • Isabel Castro

    The very best from Portugal!!!!!!

  • lovely! how can i get them?

  • Teo

    Clean, nice, clever!

    want them:)

  • simple and colorful, I love it

  • Joe

    When animals become designers . . . designers become animals ? :)

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    Hella Jongerius (Porcupine)
    ibride (Martin)
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    Big Game (Heritage in progress)
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  • Anny

    Love the crocodile!!
    Beautiful work!