Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulsen


Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulsen

Product design graduate Fredrik Paulsen presents this tiny table for working from home at the Royal College of Art in London this week.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

Called Minimal Work Station, the table has enough space for a laptop and one book, plus pockets and containers that clip onto the sides for papers and stationary.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

The aim is to prevent piles of paper building up on the desk, meaning the workspace can be moved around the home throughout the day.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

Show Two continues at the Royal College of Art in London until 4 July.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

Here's some more information from Paulsen:

Minimal Work Station

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

In the recent years working from home has become an attractive and affordable alternative for people working within small-scale structures and with manageable needs of infrastructure and space. But to arrange life and work in the same space often don't make the ideal conditions for daily routine (e.g. messy dinner tables).

To respond to these new requirements my aim was to limit and organise work space and to design a nomadic worktable that only fits the most immanent tools. The size of the tabletop is defined to give enough room for a laptop and a reading book. These restrictions anticipate the possibility of accumulating piles of paper on your desk.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

To accommodate the various utensils and documents the Minimal Work-station includes a set of containers that can carry for example pens, A4 sheets or power adapters. These containers can be hung to the edge of the tabletop. In addition to this, an attachable lamp will provide illumination.To allow further flexibility, the Minimal work-station is designed to be easily moved around in the house, according to the different day-time situations. It might be close to the garden during the day and then close to the kid's room later in the evening. Like this working from home can become better organised, while the general daily routines and the separation of life and work gain flexibility.

Minimal Work Station by Fredrik Paulson

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  • edward

    Not sure why wheels are needed with such a small table. Can’t get any idea of the scale without a chair but it looks too small for any but tiny people.

  • rob bothma

    i want one…..i need one!!

  • tanya telford – T

    @edward – some truisms there but…., maybe its designed for women who have children and work from home, like the idea of moveable work space & in this way the wheels make sense. Think developments could come from this, different sized desks etc. Like the idea of desk accessories in terms of organising stuff. Could also be good for teenagers/ students etc with small living spaces,

  • Rory

    Really like this! Can I have one?

  • wpgmb

    a fairly clumsy form of minimal.

  • felix

    Yeah looks very small. What work can you do on such a small surface? There is not space for even some papers next to a laptop.

    But it has a nice low-tech aesthetic, and I like the clip on items.

    Pity the (very pretty) lamp does not have a neat place to put the cord. I wonder does that bag charge your laptop or is that just the lamp cord going through it for some reason?

    I’d definitely buy this for my kid.

  • Great design ! Very inteligent and fun.

  • Kristopher Adams

    This design just doesn’t seem ‘finished’ to me and I agree with earlier comments about the clumsiness of it all.

    Maybe that’s the point?

  • kj


    So nice,… can I have one…. pleeeese!!

  • Norman

    clumsy or not, it works. And it is a comment on a very immanent situation many people with small working space experience.

    It’s difficult to see the actual size of the table top on the pictures, but from having seen it at the RCA, I can say, there’s plenty of space for A4 on the side (and even a mousepad, in case you go for these kind of accessories).

    Isn’t it all you need? It may definitely help you, if you work from home, to structure your work. It will help to focus on one project too. Not having tons of material on the table and getting lost in working a bit here, a bit there.

  • Anker

    A very optimized idea!
    Really nice to have in a living room. The wheel box may be used as acontainer for your favourite whiskies, to be picked up after a good nights work at home….

  • clout

    i like the edge detail put into the the desk so that pencils/pens/etc don’t roll off.. however i think the small wheel box could be improved.

    if it were turned into a drawer instead of having a lid, you could leave any objects you might have on it,without the need of removing them if you need to access something within…

    from what i understood the small size was somewhat intended. If you don’t have enough space for a lot of papers, a mess can never accumulate! (very useful in my case haha)