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Clash at FashionClash-Matylda-K

This dress full of balloons by German artist Nicole Michniewski is one of ten outfits created by product designers, artists and architects for FASHIONCLASH Maastricht in the Netherlands last month.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: Untitled (crisp abstraction) by Manja Hunger

Called CLASH, the collection includes a wearable cage, origami paper dress and jewellery made of cable ties.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

The project was curated by Matylda Krzykowski for FASHIONCLASH.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: Moop by Britt Helbig/Marco Gabriele Lorusso

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Photographs are by Mueller3000.

Here's some more information from Krzykowski:


The Clash project is now in its 2nd year. In 2010 we again asked 10 people from various disciplines to create an outfit.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: jewellery by Michael Okraj

The outcome was unpredictable as the brief was left deliberately open.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

The only limitation was that the design had to be wearable on the catwalk.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: TYrib by Karel van Laere and Jivan van der Ende

Every participant has an unlikely and unique approach to designing a 'fashion' item, because of their different profession or origin.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

This year's outfits have are a wide range of diversity: Dutch Artist Manja Hunger's paper outfit is the colourful highlight within the outfits, British designer Regina Pelszus & artist Sascha Mikloweit used Tyvek to create a wearable bag, German Artist Nicole Michniewski made a voluminous balloon belly, swiss-based Nanouk Schrader lost herself in squares, Polish designer Monika Potrowska's outfit is a tribute to her native country, while Berlin-based graphic designer's clothing seems to be a tribute to the a modern version of virgin Apollonia.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: Home is Where the Bag is by Jo Meesters

The Maastricht-based performer Karel van Laere and the self-appointed 'creator' Jivan van Ende fooled around with tyribs, Italian design group Dissociate knitted an conceptual outfit, Italian architect Marco Lorusso and graphic designer Britt Helbig literally caged the person in the outfit and Dutch product designer Jo Meesters combined his nostalgia to grandma's blankets with his idea of supersized items.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski


The purpose of FASHIONCLASH foundation is to create a ‘clash’ with ‘fashion’ as a starting point.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above: Square One by Nanouk Schrader

By organising fashion projects FASHIONCLASH aims to create a platform where ‘young’ designers/artists can present their work to a diverse international audience.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above and below: Palace of Culture by Monika Potorska

FASHIONCLASH shows fashion in the widest sense of the word.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

A broad range of disciplines that link to fashion, like photography, fine arts, illustration, video, textile and product design are invited to take part in the projects.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above: Replay by Dissociate

One of the projects where all these goals are coming together is the fashion event ‘FASHIONCLASH Maastricht’ that for the first time took place in the summer of 2009.

Fashion Clash Matylda Krzykowski

Above: White Vest Style Carier (wvsc) 1:3 by Regina Peldszus and Sascha Mikloweit

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is a unique platform for young and aspiring designers/artists from around the world to present their work to a diverse international audience.

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  • Sam

    I had the pleasure of attending this even in Maastrict… Simply amazing!

    The Clash project was super. Good job Matylda Krzykowski…

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  • Arnulfo Alamil Jr.

    hehehe.. love it