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The Imperfectionist by Sophie Duran

Designer Sophie Duran of Rotterdam has created a collection of facial jewellery including these lips that can be inflated with a hand pump.

Called The Imperfectionist, the series also includes a blue moustache and spectacle frames with a handle to wind false eyelashes up and down.

Here's some more information from Duran:


‘ Imperfection gives expression, expression gives power of attraction.’

Plastic surgery and media influences are examples why people all over the world are beginning to look more the same. That is a waste! It is scientifically proved, the more average, the less attractive. Individual unique characteristics make people attractive.

Therefore, I designed four jewels for the face; with these the user can define the intensity of his expression.

With a pump, you can blow up your lips in any desirable dimension, you can attach chains to a grill in the corners of your mouth, a blue moustache can be curled in different heights and meters of lashes can be wind up.

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