Het Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke


Het Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke

Dutch designer Tim Vinke has created a mobile office made up of a desk and two chairs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form a trolley.

het Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke

Called Kruikantoor, the piece is made from light-weight foam and equipped with wheels. It can be swiftly packed up, transported and set up somewhere else.

het Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke

The portable unit also includes a light, storage and electricity connection.

het Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke

Here's some more information from the designer:

Put your office together in a simple and easy way, with the ability to put your entire desk together into one object.  For a starting entrepreneur, without a fixed location, it is essential to swiftly change place and move from to A to B.

The 'Kruikantoor; exists out of 2 chairs, a table, light, electricity connection and storage space.  The object is crafted from EPS Foam, covered with a coating existing of polyurea hotspray.

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  • edward

    Ingeniou! But does it have any real use. Too bulky to load in a car. Won’t fit in an elevator. A design exercise I guess.

  • Therese Senac

    What an interesting idea, i know a company who do outreach and are in need of light, flexible furniture. This is IDEAL for them.

  • Rob van Veggel

    The orange Senseo is a give away: Dutch design during the WK (World Cup Soccer)!

  • ooor… we can still use a normal table,,,

  • J

    How…massive. What a waste of materials, and (dis)assembly looks very clumsy indeed!

  • BH

    So the table has enough space for a lap top? So why not forget all this nonsense, sit down and stick your lap top on your lap? Now you can get on and design something that is needed and useful….

  • felix

    foldable table + two foldable chairs = superior to this design in every way, except looking like a big black mess.

  • Jill

    a shot on the street may explain it better

  • George

    Black Nightmare..!!!!

  • alessandro

    @BH: laptops are poorly conceived for use on a lap.

  • James

    (eyes roll)

  • reminds me of Brazil (T. Gilliam)