Truncheons by Cmmnwlth


Truncheons by cmmnwlth

This series of wooden LED lamps by Zoe Coombes and David Boira of New York studio Cmmnwlth is called Truncheons.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

The collection includes a pendent lamp, a free-standing one to be leaned against a wall and a desk lamp that rotates freely in its gypsum and marble base.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Each is circled grooves across the grain, created by a CNC lathe.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

The duo created the range for new furniture brand MatterMade.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Photographs are by Jean-Charles Tomas.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Here are some more details from the designers:

The Truncheons are a family of lamps consisting of a suspension, an articulated task lamp, and a freestanding Truncheon to be rested against a wall.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Harnessing the tooled traces left by a CNC lathe, the Truncheon body is surfaced with a delicate, metered scallop.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

At close viewing, the rhythm of these cross-grain scallops creates a soft interplay with the more linear wood grain of the maple and walnut. Each lamp holds an LED bulb which is warm in color, yet cool to the touch.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Viewed indirectly from the lamp’s interior hardwood surfaces, the light emitted is rich in quality while maintaining the efficient characteristics that has driven the development of LED light.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

The Truncheon task lamp sits in a poured, weighted base of gypsum and marble. Free of electrical components, the heavy base allows the arm of the lamp to make a soft rotation.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

Avoiding unnecessary knobs or switches, the Truncheons adhere to their namesake - precise, compact sticks fashioned out of traditional materials.

Truncheon by cmmnwlth

The Truncheon series was designed by Zoe Coombes & David Boira of Cmmnwlth for 'MatterMade' and is available exclusively through Matter, New York.

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  • Consorte Miamense

    Great work! beautiful marriage of an idea/tools/materials. Looking forward to what this Duo (well trio) have up their sleeve next.

  • That first light looks like some sort of sex/torture/medical device… which is cool if you’re into that kind of thing. O_o

    I quite like the single tube pendant light, though. Wonderfully minimal, while still maintaining some semblance of warmth and personality.

  • L

    Why are they so Large? They look nice, but far to big for me.

  • J

    These are really slick designs, great job. Thanks for the disassembled view as well; the number of parts speaks to design simplicity.

  • Nice switch!

  • farzam

    the wood is a beautiful touch. However it would be nice if the wood played a role in making the LEDs light a bit warmer, because the quality of light still seems to be very white and sterile. Really enjoy the clarity of the project.

  • Lux

    Very unique – the old-fashioned look of wood with the great high-tech performance of LED lighting. Love it.