The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre
by Foster + Partners


Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

UK architects Foster + Partners have completed the world's tallest tensile structure in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre stands 150 metres tall, covers 10,000 square metres and is to become the capital's major civic and cultural venue.

Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

The tent-like structure with its three-layer envelope will provide shelter to Kazakhstan's extreme climate where temperatures soar to 35°C in summer and slide down to minus -35°C in winter.

Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

The building houses a range of leisure facilities and public spaces such as cinemas, restaurants, and public parks.

Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

The existing topography has been used to form undulating terraces, the highest of which forms a water park.

Khan Shatyr Centre by Foster and Partners

Here's some more from the architects:

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan – the world’s tallest tensile structure

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center was officially opened last night in the presence of President Nazarbayev and heads of state in a grand ceremony, with a performance by the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, timed to coincide with the President’s birthday and Astana Day. The Center represents a major new civic, cultural and social venue for the people of Astana, bringing together a wide range of activities within a sheltered climatic envelope that provides a comfortable environment all year round.

The tent-like, cable-net structure is located at the northern end of the new city axis and soars 150 metres from an elliptical base to form the highest peak on the Astana skyline. The building encloses an area in excess of 100,000 square metres within an ETFE dome, with dramatic views over the city and the Steppes beyond. Contained within it is an urban-scaled park, along with a wide variety of entertainment and leisure facilities, including retail, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and flexible spaces that can accommodate a varied programme of events and exhibitions. The different levels form undulating terraces, the uppermost terrace forming a water park.

Temperatures in Astana can drop to -35 degrees Celsius in winter and climb as high as +35 degrees in summer. The three-layer ETFE envelope is designed to shelter the enclosed accommodation from weather extremes and to allow daylight to wash the interiors. In winter, a key challenge is to prevent the formation of ice on the inside of the envelope. This is achieved by a combination of temperature control and directing warm air currents up the inner surface of the fabric, a strategy that also prevents downdraughts. In summer, fritting on the outermost foil layer provides solar shading. Inside, low-level jets direct cool air across the space, while opening vents at the apex induce stack-effect ventilation.

Nigel Dancey, a Design Director at Foster + Partners, said:

“Khan Shatyr will be an important new destination for the people of Astana to enjoy at all times of the year, whatever the weather. We are delighted to celebrate its official opening today. With the Palace of Peace and Khan Shatyr, we are proud to have designed the two landmark structures for such prominent points along the city’s main axis – their forms express the change of emphasis and function, from religion to entertainment, as you pass along this grand new boulevard.”

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    Would be nice to see more photos of the building in it’s context. Where is this waterpark?!

  • wow, all these pictures say nothing and exactly the same thing.
    why publish this? what does it serve? only to mark a new failure by ones of the biggest architectural offices in the world?

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      So full of hate.

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    nice tribute to Perret prize winner Karel Hubacek:)

  • This year the world clown championships will move to the world’s largest tensile structure designed by Foster partners. Witness death defying trapeze acts, where even safety nets wont be enough to stop a hurtling body falling 150meters to its spandex-clad , splattery, finale.

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    Where’s the water park?! Shows pics of the water park. When I see that I’ll know if I like it or not

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    ETFE, bleh.

    A little bird told me condensation occurs from the -40° exterior in respect to the 20° interior, thus making the material fail unintentionally, which in turn makes the joints of the structure fail.

    well done, money making machine.

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  • a fireworks display and there is no one around? say’s something about the building.

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