Espresso machine by Yaniv Berg


Espresso machine by Yaniv Berg

Here’s another espresso machine from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, this time by Israeli industrial design student Yaniv Berg.

Coffee machine by yaniv berg

The yellow espresso machine is inspired by the the Bauhaus movement and from the same project as Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski (see our previous story).

Coffee machine by yaniv berg

Here’s some more information from Yaniv, who is due to graduate next year:

I designed this espresso machine during my last semester.

Coffee machine by yaniv berg

Influenced by Italians designers and the Bauhaus, I wanted to create a simple espresso machine which was built from 3 tubes at the heart of it.

Coffee machine by yaniv berg

But also to create a "interesting balance" by separate and lift the upper plate moving a side the main tube from it base.

Coffee machine by yaniv berg

The logo on the machine is "nespresso".

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Posted on Thursday August 5th 2010 at 11:02 am by Joe Mills. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • beautiful… very interesting pice… looks like and industrial piece… very good,, also has something of minimalist… the only aspect that I see and don't like so much is the retro look… but… still a great job… congrats.

  • Yes, is really beautiful.

  • fergus

    I really like its aesthetic and form. I think it could have a spout for steaming milk as well.

  • Neat job. Not only it has cool shape (reminds of Aldo Rossi) and nice bold colors but also quite practical. Love those two drops on the side. (Not so sure Bauhaus but Italian designers are definitely there.) Pleasant product from talented designer.

  • nice. reminds me of some of the old Dieter Rams for Braun products.

  • LOW


  • M.S.

    I think there are some nice elements here but there are some functionality questions. A portafilter of that size really could not fit enough espresso grounds for a cup's worth of extraction, and its tapered form would cause unevenly extracted grounds, thus bad coffee. And I know it's only a concept but I personally can't get past the lack of vents…

  • IDiot

    Not a bad start, but definitely could use some refinement and changes to make it a little more real (I know it's a concept). M.S. brings up some good points concerning the portafilter design. I would extend the foot below the water tank for a more cohesive aesthetic as well as function. I would be concerned about tipping over in extreme scenarios, and particularly that the unit would tend to move around when I remove and replace the protafilter, as it stands, I would imagine having to use one hand for the portafilter and the other to steady/hold the machine. I would also consider a window,reveal, or other material change to easily indicate the water level.

  • Mas Kliwon

    I like the simple idea, but this espresso machine won’t work in reality. The boiler and water container are too small. It will fall over easily and the tube is very hot to touch.

  • Great!