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Posted on Wednesday August 11th 2010 at 2:00 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I doubt Burj Khalifa has something to do with Architecture. Just another mega-commercial super project – a symbol of greedy developers’ appetite and weird political ambitions…
    It is related to Architecture the same way Lady Gaga is related to Art.
    Architecture & Rock-n-roll are not always working properly :)

    • nikhil

      well said albert!!!!

    • Brango

      also, blah blah blah…

      You don't like skyscraper architecture GTFO

      The Burj Khalifa is simply incredible and elegant

      • I like skyscraper architecture Chicago school. Sorry if I don't have enough taste to dig an un-proportional "desert beauty" paid by oil money and sick commercial ambitions.
        What I don't like is to explain my position to anonymous who behaves weirdly. Ever heard of casting pearls before swine? I think that's what I am doing here posting a reply :)

        • ehab

          and can i ask what do you care about where did money come from or the what kind of ambitions they have that not related to any kind architecture veiw and what is bad about having an ambition or this is stirct to US and other people should live farms cuz they have no right to try to be better and you said you like chicago school well i dont dose that make chicago skyscrapes the outcome of greedy captalizm sick people so ur point of view dose not say that you r an architect its just the fact that you feel that these people who earnd money by oil have no right to use it so they better give to you cuz you just simply now better

    • edward

      I agree. It's an engineering job not architecture.

  • fdo

    i' m with you.

  • odile dimitri dupont

    I’ve been browsing through dazeen for the last 2 days and the youtube quality comments was surprising for a site about architecture.

  • The Youtube Fanatic

    OMG, like 3 people missed the 'like' button…

  • The Modulor

    Way to go! The Youtube Fanatic! :)

  • Erik

    This is not Architecture. This is almost as bad as it gets. This is good engineering and good commercial skills in order to get it done. But when it comes to human scale and the architectural experience, I doubt it is even flattering.

  • chris k

    All this criticism of a building when most people here sound like they have not been to see it themselves. You need to see it in person to experience it properly, so when you doubt that it is flattering at a human scale, that doubt may be misplaced.

    Just returning from the UAE I thought the Burj would leave me architecturally dirty, however, the sheer scale of the building and surrounding development blew me away. This citadel is seen all over the city and glistens in the desert heat as the sun sets. Even at human scale on the ground, detailing is done so very tastefully, much unlike the rest of Dubai at the moment. It may be a heavily engineered orientated project, but so was the Eiffel tower, and that had its critics back then as well.

    Rant over.