Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer


Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

This fluffy children's playsuit by Royal College of Art graduate Helge Fischer sounds an alarm if the child is touched inappropriately.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

Called Safe Cuddling, the garment emits flashing lights and alarm bells with escalating intensity if the wearer is touched for too long or in inappropriate places.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

Here's some more information from the designer:


The 'Safe Cuddling' suit allows for the innocent cuddling of children by helping adults to maintain their integrity.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

When the child wearing the suit is touched for too long or in inappropriate areas of the body an alarm goes off (flashlights and bells!), first gently hinting to potential ambiguities, finally assertively reminding the parent or care-taker and others around of their responsibility.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

Does our desire to eliminate uncertainties and avoid risk lead us to become even more fearful? Can humour be an appropriate tool for challenging dark and uncomfortable social issues?

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

I then went out and showed the design proposal to parents, child minders and a child protection professional. What was originally intended as an ironic comment became a lot more complex.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer

The suit acted as a tool to spark debate about rational and irrational fears, about risks, technology, the media and attitudes within (the UK) society towards children's safety.

Safe Cuddling by Helge Fischer



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  • andy


  • G. String

    It 's a little papoose, how adorable !

  • AT86

    this is possibly the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen, ironic or not.

  • Nathan

    Very disturbing to think you would need something like this. Just had a baby myself but would not think to use this. Fake safety same as terrorists action prevention.

    • white

      Nathan, I agree –
      do we have to invest in paranoia or in an adequate cultivation of all members of society? Very disturbing indeed.

  • eddavidson

    Loses some of its practicality due to the fact that it will get dirty very quickly

  • Kaptain krunch

    This is taking the piss surely?
    If it is, then I find it quite amusing and en excellent commentary on our off the rails, paedophilia obsessed society.

    Otherwise it's still an excellent commentary on our paedophilia obsessed society.

  • fergus

    Good luck trying to figure out if there may be a wet / dirty nappy – may need another sensor and alarm! Successful Art piece which in a way capturers the zeitgeist in the fear the public feel about sexual predators / terrorists / pedophiles ect I guess.

    "The suit acted as a tool to spark debate about rational and irrational fears, about risks, technology, the media and attitudes within (the UK) society towards children’s safety"

    the artist has aspirations anyway!

    • Crystal7431

      You seem to be the first commentor to realize (even though it states it plainly in the article) that it's an art piece and not an actual product.

  • Anna

    I don't see how it could work properly.
    What happens if the kid sits on a play horse for 10s?
    The parent will run around and switch it off and on all the time?
    Oh – maybe it has a remote control!

  • Lynxster

    I assume this is a joke got out of hand but this is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. How is anyone supposed to change a nappy? Talk about living in a nanny state!

  • Feu

    thats really cute and pratical!

  • Mark

    Baby-sized Bop It!

  • hugo

    this is actually really creepy.

  • IP Freely

    The person who designed this came to a fork in the road: Become a catholic priest or design this suit.

  • sg23

    an utterly ridiculous and disturbing idea

  • ben green

    this is b@ll@cks

    i have an 18 month old daughter, and i'm telling you that the only way to effectively hold on to a wriggling excitable toddler is by having your hands on either the 'ambiguous or avoid' areas

    chocolate fireguard anyone?

    • Felix

      it's tongue in cheek, not a serious design

  • Andreas

    so the kid is not allowed to sit!!! Is it human touch sensitive?
    Maybe this could be used only for adult factory workers who exceed their cigarette break…?

  • murdoch

    Shocking! A deadly cocktail of puritanism and high tech gadgetry…

  • G

    Is it me or is this kid wrapped in cotton wool both physically and metaphorically?! … I find this very odd indeed…

  • Kaptain krunch

    Minus the bleeping and flashing it's rather a sweet outfit for a child.

    Perhaps more work should be done on making children look like polar bear cubs. I feel this is a growth area.

  • i love british humour.

  • Jaja

    Fucking paranoiac

  • moreno

    The designer need a shrink.

  • RLKC

    are you serious???

  • peh

    OH MY GOD! Is that what RCA is about now? I mean the thematic has an issue right now, but come on… for what that suit. FOR WHAT??

  • ekatrin

    sick and stupid

  • Kristen

    i like the outfit…haha

  • thomas gravemaker

    Lock the designer up! Probably based in the UK?

  • Chastity Johnson

    mom! Johnny set off his alarm again…

  • unbelievable…..

  • elainek

    keep your EYES on your kids when you're in public!

  • Fizz

    Before people get all hot under the collar or reach for the sick bag, do take a moment to check out Fischer's site via the link. What we have here is a very clever artist who is exploring, quote: "…design that recognises (and celebrates!) the absurd and comic inherent in our existence". He calls his practice 'satirical interaction design'. By examining his other work, this piece can then be considered in a better perspective and should not be seen as a literal commercial proposition.

  • I assume it's a "art" right? So please don not take this seriously. Next time the artist will make a baby vault.

  • Silver Fang

    So the whole thing about the suit is a farce? That’s good.

    Anyway, the suit itself is very cute, giving the child the appearance of a polar bear cub or a lamb. The idea behind it is fear mongering.

  • Pierre

    makes the little kids look like sheep so it ought to be banned in new zealand and wales for baiting