Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg


Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

Here’s another conceptual project from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design student Yaniv Berg (see his coffee machine in our earlier story), this time a digital SLR camera where the lens and body are merged to form a kinked cylinder. 

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

The controls would be along the side of the Periscope Camera with the display at one end and lens at the other.

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

Berg was inspired by a traditional reflex camera, which is held close to the photographer's stomach and looked down into while shooting.

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

The camera could also be balanced on the lens to form a stand for viewing the photos.

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

All photographs are by Sasha Flit.

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

Here's some more from the designer:

Periscope Camera

This project is a Digital reflex camera (DSLR). The camera was designed as part of a course "Business Class" in shenkar academy 3rd year. The camera body and lens was designed as a continuation that connects to it, creating an elongated body curved end ,  that turns to the user interface

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

Along the side of the camera there is another interface which control the details of photography. I wanted to make a refreshing change at the accepted form of professional cameras,to soften it, but to maintain its professional appearance. Through the use of camera I wanted to get different photography experience.

I took inspiration from the use of the old reflex cameras, that the eyepiece was located at the top of the camera, and the photographer was cradling the camera close to his stomach during photography. So I designed the camera to match the pose I was looking for , in the ergonomic sense. Experience continues when you want to view the photos, when turning the camera, the interface turns to image display mode, the display is rotating 180 degrees and the screen is directed toward the observer

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg

Impotent information :

The project was made during my 1st semester on my 3rd year (3 out of 4 , i have just finished the 3rd)) in Shenkar Academy of design in Israel.
The photos were taken by Sasha Flit.
The advisers of the project were Eyal Cremer & Michal Hen Shahnai.

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  • I want one!

  • Felix

    This is really nice, assuming you can get an SLR mechanism in that body.
    I'm confused why the kink is less than 90 degrees, seeing as he said he wanted the camera to rest against the user's stomach during use, but in the photo of the girl using it she's clearly holding it away from her body which would be less stable.

  • michelalano

    Nice simplistic design. I think most cameras are too bulky and overly complicated. This looks like it would be good for specialized use: photos of ceilings, floors, vantage points above or below eye level, but as a "regular" camera for eye level shots, it may be awkward.

  • This is a terrible design, it looks difficult to hold compared to a normal camera, and you can't even take pictures at head level!!!!

  • guess

    anyone else think it looks like a certain part of male anatomy?

  • canikon

    "live view" anyone?
    + swivel lcd…

  • charlie chan

    Great idea.

    few points tho.
    "The camera could also be balanced on the lens to form a stand for viewing the photos."
    You're risking the LENS!!!!! The GLASS is the most sensitive part of the camera which are usually exposed.

    Also, the fact it only allows you to use the digital view-finder limits its use to consumer-grade, BUT, hey it's a conceptual project, and GOOD JOB on breaking the boundaries!!

    I'd like to see more and hopefully an adventurous camera maker will adopt this wonderful alteration!

  • Ed P

    Think war photography with reduced risk?!

  • Beheld

    "This project is a Digital reflex camera (DSLR)."


    Reflex refers to the mirror that directs (reflexes) the image before the film (now sensor) trough a prism towards the photographers eye. No prism, no mirror, no reflex…

    In case there is no prism and no "reflexing" putting that small monitor there is just silly (no functional reason) but its just desire to make a falic shape standing on the desk. If it was in pink I would think its designed by Karim Rashid…

    A bigger monitor that you can tilt or detach (connected with cable) would be better, or how about a camera (detachable lens with shutter and full size sensor) you can plug your iPhone or iPod on?