Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe


Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Japanese architect Hiroyuki Miyabe of Speac Inc. has renovated this house covered in ivy by stripping it back to its structural elements.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Miyabe removed the ceilings and internal partitions, reinforcing the structure with diagonal braces.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

The interior has been painted white except for the roof and structural columns on the first floor.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

The ivy covering the building before the renovation has been trimmed away from the windows but will be allowed to regrow, covering the walls of the house.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Here's more from Miyabe:

The Ivy House

This was a deserted house that called a haunted house because of the ivy covering the whole. We renovated it as a dwelling and office.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

All windows were closed with the ivy and the spaces that partitioned into small pieces were very dark.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

However, we thought the ivy as the most charming feature and conserve it except for the one in front of the windows.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

After the partitions and ceilings were removed, we reinforced the structure with the diagonal braces and walls.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

By this process to make the room looked wider, we arranged the member of the structural reinforcement paying attention to the 3 dimensional perspective and sequence and made the structural material of the roof and floors exposed.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

And all the things excepting for the wooden structure of the roof and columns of the 2nd floor was painted white.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

The space of the 1st floor is filled with brightness giving a hint of the texture of old structure.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

At the 2nd floor we find the preserved wooden structure in contrast with whitened things.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Above: before renovation

Now the time that had passed through this house is visualized as a charm. The ivy is growing up today ticking away time.

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Architect: Hiroyuki Miyabe (SPEAC,inc.)
Location: Toshima-ku Tokyo Japan
Producer: Hiroya Yoshizato (SPEAC,inc.)

Ivy house by Hiroyuki Miyabe

Architect in Charge: Tomoko Kawai (SPEAC,inc.)
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Takeshi Yamagishi

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  • fred

    that underlayment floor looks so shabby.
    it can be nice as a gallery space..

  • bernard sodiant

    J'aime regarder cette maison comme on regarde une peinture finie .Mais comment la meubler pour y vivre

  • edward

    Clever renovation of abandoned home. The kitchen shown is the after version and is all most of the minimalist homes seem to have-a hob and a sink.

  • the big &white nothing

  • Tomsk

    Most terraced houses in the UK knock the interior walls through to make more space. What's the big deal?!

  • w

    Yuk look like a shanty dwelling inside

  • junihaoni

    All i got was steel frames blocking my way around the house.

  • Stunning re-design, did the outside of the house stay as in the photos?

  • Jay

    It's a love/ hate thing for me.

  • Jack

    I don't think the "just paint it white" renovation works here as well as some do