Poolhaus by Baumhauer


Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Photographer Julien Lanoo has sent us his photos of this transparent pool house in Munich, Germany by Berlin studio Baumhauer.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Poolhaus is a glass and steel construction, with white screed floors, and a polished stainless steel island containing a sink.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

The pool house contains a toilet, pool filter system, lawnmower garage, and shower and changing room

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Rather than being hidden, everything contained in the pool house can be seen from outside through glazing and translucent curtains.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

All photographs are by Julien Lanoo.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Here's some more from the architects.



The pavillion combines on 25 m² the pool filter system, shower, changing room, toilet and a lawnmower garage conventionally, spaces of this purpose supposedly require covering and hiding surfaces

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

The facilities are intentionally placed in a vitrine.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Their outlines are both fracrured and distorted by the mirrored vegetation on the glass façade.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Toilet, shower, changing room: The level of intimacy can individually be adjusted by curtains.

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Location: Munich
Design: Philipp Baumhauer
Completion:June 2010

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Involved firms:
Glass/ metal construction: Fa. Diefenthaler
Art Smith: Splettstößer Metallbau
Carpenter: Schreinerei Hoch
Concrete floor: Fa. Singhammer

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Materials: glass, steel, white screed (floor), highly polished stainless steel (bar-block), wood (bench + cover of sanitary panels), fabric (curtains)

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

Poolhaus by Phillipp Baumhauer

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  • Okay. I like people not seeing me when i take a shit. But maybe i'm just to conservative.

    • FeSJ

      hahahhaha thats what I thought

    • the rounded trapezoids in the ceiling look like curtain rails to me…

  • edward

    No. I prefer the Ivy House.

  • no4cubic

    Where is the pool?

  • upload

    Where is the pool??

  • LOW

    It's the Ghost of the Farnsworth past!

  • Less is bore.

  • edward

    This must be another folly by this firm like the wooden shack in the mountains, a pool house without a pool. Or maybe as the structure houses the mower, the pool comes later.

  • Gaseteria und Utz

    Very nice small little structure! Great job again! Congratulations! I would like to see more work from this Berlin-based buro.

  • Gollumpus

    Why would I want to surrender space in this structure to house my lawnmower? Not only would it have the lawnmower in it, but the space would soon be filled with various bags, tools and other such things. Put up a shed elsewhere on the property that sort of stuff.


  • Adam

    House for a Lawnmower.

  • truthnbeauty

    World's most expensive mower garage…………

  • Please say it ain't so. I've waited a day to comment on this pedantic failure. Where is the sense in this design? What is the point of the mirror polish stainless island? What an uninviting structure that is way to far from the pool. There's not enough room in front of the bar to comfortably position a stool. WTF? At least they could have spent the money and had a crazy stainless decked mirror polished Dixie Chopper brought in in order to make sense of that impractical out of place island. The worst part is that it looks real. Like, they actually spent the money and built it. IT"S NOT A RENDERING. Nooooooooooooooooo! Want to really lose it Watch the video. I really thought they might show the pool. I was waiting for that star shaped object hanging from the tree to detonate.
    I must give the designer credit because I'm sure he made a hefty fee.

  • Alberto

    Yep it's official… a new trend: using highly glossy and reflective metals.