Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer


Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer

London designer Roger Arquer has designed this vase with a funnel protruding from the side so that the water to be changed without removing the flowers.

Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer

Called Funnel Vase, the ceramic piece will be on show at an exhibition called Translations during the London Design Festival later this month.

Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer

The information below is from Arquer:

Funnel Vase

Funnel Vase (2010) is a ceramic flower vessel with a side opening in a funnel shape. The funnel helps to change the water without having to remove the flowers. The old water can be easily poured out through the funnel and replaced with fresh water, without a mess.

While being a very functional piece of design, Funnel Vase presents an original shape. The vessel has a gloss white glazing finish.

Funnel Vase is a challenging piece of ceramics since it’s made in one piece. The joint between the vase and the funnel holds the right angle making possible its production.

“I hope this vase will make the task of changing the water more gratifying”, says Arquer.

Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer

This piece will be exhibited during LDW at Translations.
Location: 1-5 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2EH
Dates: 22-26 September 2010

Funnel Vase by Roger Arquer

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  • newfishingnet

    cool and useful concept! its hybrid shape may not appeal to everyone but it's certainly an interesting idea.

  • alinescu0

    very nice simple concept and shape

  • bodkin

    simple and effective, although if it was made from glass you'd also be able to see when the water actually needed changing

  • Nice concept, it's remind me one of our project, even if it's completely different.
    It's about objects wich swallow objects :
    It will be presented during the next 100%Design trade show…