Dezeen archive: staircases


Dezeen archive: staircases

Dezeen archive: Readers went crazy for the staircase cantilevered over a shallow first-floor pool in our most popular story this week, a Japanese house by NRM-Architects Office, so we're treating you to a selection of stories from the Dezeen archives that feature spectacular staircases. See all the stories »

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  • MSalo

    Thanks for posting this. I graduated with my B.Arch a couple years ago and quickly decided that the paper shuffle wasn't for me – much happier standing behind a table saw, thanks. I have since been working locally designing and building custom staircases. It's one of the most challenging but ultimately rewarding things ever. I love the endless design possibilities presented with staircases. The only thing that occurs to me is that our local and national (Canadian) building codes wouldn't allow for some of the minimalist building styles – the open-riser, no-handrail – that seem to be popular with many international projects.

    • Being from Los Angeles I can level with you when talking about design restrictions (esp for stairs). Although the code puts forth stringent guidelines on design parameters, the reasoning behind these restrictions is sound. Although I love the open-riser/minimal handrail aesthetic there are other ways to realize a beautiful stair. That's where the challenge lies and I'm sure you feel the same way. Do you have a website of your work?