Stair by JDS Architects for Bench 10


Stair by JDS Architects for Bench 10

London Design Festival 2010: this multilevel bench formed of plywood wedges is by Brussels firm JDS Architects and one of ten benches exhibited by The Lollipop Shoppe during the London Design Festival this month.

Stair by JDS Architects for Bench 10

Called Bench 10, the installation of ten benches by ten designers around east London’s Old Spitalfields Market also includes designs by VW+BS (see our earlier story), TAF (see our earlier story) and Richard Shed (see our earlier story).

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Stair by JDS Architects for Bench 10

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The London Design Festival runs until 26 September.

Stair by JDS Architects for Bench 10

See our earlier story about the interior design of The Lollipop Shoppe.

Here's some more from the architects:


A public bench as a reference to urban conditions. We propose Stair, a bench with multiple seating levels, allowing people to sit in a way that is less prescribed, more flexible and more social. Constructed with triangular prisms, that are connected in such way, they form an infinite variety of stair-shaped seating platforms. Please, take a seat

Materials used: Plywood prototype

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  • Anne

    super ! love it and I really believe this could work….

  • I am always amazed at the creativity of some people. This is a great example of re-thinking and re-designing seating. Apply an interesting stain pattern to the bench and it for sure will take center stage…

  • fun and amazing I think this is not bad idea

  • han

    hecchan…why do you look so sad?