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Pop Rivet by TAF

Pop Rivet by TAF at Bench 10

This bench made of three pop-riveted aluminium sheets is by Swedish designers TAF and one of ten benches to be exhibited by The Lollipop Shoppe during the London Design Festival this month.

Pop Rivet by TAF

Called Bench 10, the installation of ten benches by ten designers around east London’s Old Spitalfields Market will include designs by VW+BS (see our previous story), Raw Edges and Klauser & Carpenter.

Pop Rivet by TAF

The London Design Festival takes place 18-26 September.

Pop Rivet by TAF

See our earlier story about the interior design of The Lollipop Shoppe.

Pop Rivet by TAF

Here's some more from the designers:

Pop Rivet is 3 pieces of aluminum sheets (front, back and the back rest) that are swept around the oval shaped aluminum seat. It is then drilled and put together with Pop rivets which is a very well-known and simple technique for put materials together. We think the technique is under estimated since it is really smart, functional and also brings a pattern to the product.

Pop Rivet by TAF

Here’s some more information from organisers The Lollipop Shoppe:

Contemporary public furniture today is largely utilitarian, to be sat on or eaten off, end of story. This sums up the public bench. For a functional object offering the benefits of rest and reflection time in a busy world, we feel the humble bench deserves an updated, innovative design that really celebrates its possibilities.

The Lollipop Shoppe are inviting 11 influential furniture designers from across Europe to create one of 11 public benches. This micro-exhibition, on the Shoppe’s own Old Spitalfields Market doorstep, will run throughout the London Design Festival.

Pop Rivet by TAF

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Friends of Arnold Circus

Arnold Circus is a victorian housing development in the heart of the East End. The Friends of Arnold Circus are actively supporting the regeneration of the garden and bandstand and engaging with local people so that this rich resource can be used and enjoyed by all.They have a great need for public furniture, so The LollipopShoppe have chosen to donate one of the benches from the project to help with regeneration of the area.

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