Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen!


Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

This bakery shop in Osaka has been refurbished by Japanese firm Ninkipen! with bread displayed on a wooden sleeper and the kitchen sat behind an exposed concrete counter.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

As well as the counter, an adjacent shelf, the interior floor and terrace are finished in concrete.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

Panscape 2jo has a wood-burning oven opposite the entrance and two stools also made from sleepers on the terrace.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

The shop’s existing sash windows, which faced onto the street, have been replaced with a curtain wall of glazing.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

All photographs are by Hiroki Kawata.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

Here's some more from the architects:

This is the interior design for a bakery shop in Osaka.

This is on the first floor of the building which have particular atmosphere after buildings around here was rebuilt.

First of all, we tried to regain original expression by removing reformed aluminum sashes and setting the wooden sashes.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

Next, in the inside, we developed the antique showcase a boulanger keeping with love by putting on the log weighs 500kg, and designed a long counter makes of aluminum has the thickness of 10mm to be able to display bread freely.

We are looking forward to mastering the space by repeating the trial and error like a stone oven putting here.

Panscape 2jo by Ninkipen

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Project name: Panscape 2jo
Architect: Yasuo Imazu/ninkipen!
Use: bakery
Design: 2010.7〜20010.8
Construction: 2010.8
Scale: 26.53㎡
Photography: Hiroki Kawata

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  • jed_

    stunning interior!

    & i love the mouse hole.

  • stellatio

    love the materials !!

  • The railway sleeper is an amazing touch. Is that an artificial mousehole with light coming from it? Shaped like a shogi piece almost.

  • Nice Bakery

  • caza

    This is a wonderful design! Hopefully, the sleepers weren't treated with the first choice listed below, tar & creosote. Its not to be used inside, near children, or near food. Fingers crossed.

    The three most common treatments for railway sleepers:
    1) TAR & CREOSOTE – used for over 150 years to lengthen life of timber
    2) ACQ / Tannalised – latest 'environmentally friendly' pressure treatments
    3) UNTREATED – some hardwoods are naturally longlasting, & untreated

  • hdxtst

    HAHA, loved that playful mousehole. it really looks like a shaped shogi piece.
    I wonder if that was the real intention.

  • Mitch

    For those in the area – I think the place is located in Kyoto (not Osaka) near Nijo Sta. near the castle that needs to get its floor boards fixed.


  • That's amazing. I love the jumble of utility boxes and wires just out side on the left and the roughness of the surrounding exterior – the contrast of the outdoor space with the cleanliness of the interior. Nice.