Stanley Series by Simon Donald


Stanley by Simon Donald at Variability

London Design Festival 2010: at Variability in London last week designer Simon Donald presented new additions to his Stanley collection, which includes this candle holder with sandpaper for striking matches on.

Stanley by Simon Donald at Variability

Above: Swan and Night Light. Candlesticks with a place to keep your matches and a bright yellow sandpaper detail on which to strike.

The range is made of oak combined with materials and mechanisms found in the workshop.

Stanley by Simon Donald at Variability

Above: 1,2,3 coat hooks. Three of the same but all different. These coat hooks are all identical in shape but hang in different positions to create this mixed set.

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Stanley by Simon Donald at Variability

Above: Mitre Mirror. Reminiscent of a woodworker's mitre block this free-standing mirror is adjustable to three angles for personal grooming. Below: Salt and Pepper shakers. These shakers feature a removable nylon plug. Twisting the plug sets the shaker to open or closed, or pull it out completely to refill.

Stanley by Simon Donald at Variability

The information that follows and captions are from Donald:

Straightforward geometry and material interventions are the basis of the Stanley homeware collection.

Solid oak combined with workshop materials (and mentality) such as household sandpaper have resulted in a range of work that could simply be described as ‘common sense design’.

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  • He should add another hole to the Swan and Night light to store the used matches. At present you're stuck with the used match.

    • Dave

      Why? What use is a used match? What do you normally do with them?

      • Shan

        normally i put them in backwards in the book, leaving the ends facing me so I can throw them all out at once. You could probably do this with this design too, so no worries

  • earl

    nice one, simon. about time :)

    shout out from singapore x

  • Lovely. Simple. Clever. Me like.

  • Keeping it "real simple" always works for me… Nice to see.